What did you play this week? (10/18/2021)

(10/18/2021) This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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Another game packed week. :)

  • #Caylus (BGA): Did not have a great game at all.  I think I'm sort of done with this one online.
  • #The Castles of Burgundy (BGA): On the other hand...I am still really enjoying this one on BGA.  Such a fun classic!
  • #Orléans with #Orleans: Invasion (TTS): Played with my friends on the co-op scenario for the first time.  We got closer to completing things than I thought we were going to but we'll be playing again on Tuesday to see if we can succeed.
  • #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine (TTS): We played a few times on mission 46 I think?  Definitely difficult and we weren't able to accomplish it.
  • #Camel Up (Second Edition) (TTS):
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (TTS): I was in a boring meeting and loaded up the TTS Marvel Champsions.  Loaded up a new Black Widow aggression deck and took out Taskmaster.  Man I love this game.  So many deck possibilities now.
  • #PARKS (BGA): Played with my group.  Gotta say...I was not impressed at all.  Really bland game at least to me.  I guess it is quick for an end of the night game but I'd rather play other things.
  • #Welcome to... (BGA): I wanted to throw something quick and easy on BGA.  It's a decent game and nice for a quick game now and then.
  • #Dune: Imperium (Physical): Got together with some friends for a 3 player game of Dune Imperium.  I was a bit on the fence on this one when we played online.  I thought it was fine but not great.  However, after some solo plays and my second multiplayer play I am starting to feel the game better and really enjoyed this last game.  So it's a keeper. :)
  • #7 Wonders (BGA): Another game that's easy to play on BGA and good to throw on now and then.
  • #Kingdom Builder (BGA): Same as above.  It's a relaxed play which I enjoy quite a bit.

Good week!

48 days ago

Wow that is a good week! You have inspired me, I need to get more game time in, this feels like a fantastic time.

Premium User47 days ago

Thanks!  Honestly though, just play what you can.  The stage of life I'm at allows for a lot more time but it definitely didn't used to be that way!

Also, playing on board game arena allows for a lot more games to be played as you can just take a turn when you get a chance.  

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How did you like #Orleans: Invasion? We have and lone the base game but we're unsure about that expansion. We don't usually play many co-op games.

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I wouldn't really get it for the co-op.  There is one co-op scenario and a bunch of solo scenarios.  I mean, they are cool scenarios and add different flavour to the game but I highly recommend the #Orléans: Trade & Intrigue expansion be your first one.  It adds a lot more to the game.  I would only get invasion if you love the main game and plan on playing it solo.

Premium User48 days ago

Oh we actually have that expansion already. We got it last Black Friday on a crazy deal for base + Trade & Intrigue + 5th player. Cool, thanks! Sounds like we'll pass on that.

48 days ago

Got to play a 6p game of #Camel Up (Second Edition) with family.  I'm really not good at these kinds of games for some reason and I usually do pretty badly but I wasn't last so I'll count that as a win haha. 

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Wedding week!!

#The Castles of Burgundy - played with the usual BGA crew. We just keep getting better at this together lol. I also taught a friend of mine over the weekend and didn't do as well as I have been. Was pretty close and he enjoyed it so positives all around.

#Cosmic Frog - my groomsmen loved this game at my bachelor party a couple months back so they requested I bring it to play while we were waiting around before having to start getting ready. So yes, I played Cosmic Frog on my wedding day lol.

#Snakesss - my meetup group was having an event the day after our wedding. I wrote it off as something I wouldn't be attending but shockingly Sarah wanted to go. Got this played at a full count of 8 and had a blast. I worry about the replayability once you know some of the answers to the questions.

50 days ago

Congrats on the wedding.  Many years of happiness and bliss to both of you.  May you both be gaming partners for life ;) 

Premium User49 days ago

Thanks man! As far as the gaming bit goes, already off to a good start - she asked me to bring#Fantasy Realms along on the honeymoon LOL

Moderator Level 146 days ago

Congrats on the wedding!  Hope it all went better than anticipated! 

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Thanks! Had a fantastic time!

48 days ago

Glad to hear about #Snakesss, I am a big fan of Phil Walker-Harding and have wanted to try this one out. Congrats on the wedding!

Premium User44 days ago

Yeah we are big fans of his too which is why I picked it up. And thank you!

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Thank you!

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Whoa, wedding week?? Congratulations man!

Premium User49 days ago

Yessir! Thanks so much!

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  • #Santorini several times with - been playing this one consistently for a few weeks now and enjoying every round. I love this game.

In Person:

  • #War Chest 1x @ 2p - played this with a friend while waiting for some others to show up. I made a couple of bad tactical choices that cost me the game, I think. Still, great fun and I love playing this one.
  • #Inis 2x @ 3p - planning to play this with who unfortunately was under the weather and could not come, but invited a couple of friends over to make the best of the night. We managed to get 2 plays in - I won the first one due to some really dumb moves by the other players, and lost the second game due to the Brenn's tiebreak advantage when we have the same number of victory conditions. This remains one of my top 3 games and I will play it any time, anywhere!
  • #Kingdomino @ 2p - played with my wife at our favorite coffee shop before going to church

51 days ago

2 games of #Crayne: Fractured Empire both at 3 players.  First two games non-solo.  I really like it.  The novel mechanics make it fast and easy to teach and play.  The game tends to take a little longer than I would probably like (about 75-90 min at 3 player w/ teach).  Now part of that is probably due to new game and first plays but it almost overstays its welcome.  The guys I played with Sunday night both want to try it again so that's a positive. 

Started Sunday night game play with #Furnace which has a lot of positives (40 min  play @ 3players, lots of interesting decisions, production phase can be fun puzzle to solve) but I worry that the puzzle might not hold up after multiple plays(5+).  I'd play it again if given the opportunity. 

Played a game of #Khôra: Rise of an Empire and this game again confirmed that the military track feels broken and needs rebalanced.  At the same time, I haven't had a game yet where multiple people went after military but I just don't see how you can do a strategy other than military to make up the points you can get from the military path. 

Played my BIL in #Blitzkrieg! World War Two in 20 Minutes and crushed him, which was a fun experience as I think he figured since he's been crushing his wife it would roll over to his game against me.  Really enjoyed and looking forward to  playing again. 

I normally don't post my online plays since I usually have 15+ games in progress at the same time, but I wanted to post that I won my first game of #Viticulture on my 3rd try and felt  pretty happy with that and wanted to share ;)

48 days ago

I have been very interested in checking out #Khôra: Rise of an Empire. Good to see the feedback, I know what my first strategy with my unsuspecting game group will be (evil laugh).

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Only two games this week.  Grateful for neighbors who reached out to me unexpectedly about another game night in a week I really needed one!

#Lords of Waterdeep I've wanted to play this game for over a year after hearing it mentioned frequently. I really enjoyed it.  I lost by almost 75 points (granted the winner said she'd never scored over 200), but I sure had a lot of fun!  I'd love to play this some more.

#Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale Played this after Lords of Waterdeep to wind down. It's always a lot of fun!