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Defect in Games List

Premium User

Hey there,

I’ve noticed interesting behaviour in the games listing. When I bring up the list it defaults to date added descending. Except I’ve noticed that my newest acquisition is not appearing on the first page. It shows up on page 2.

My guess is that it is sorting the first hundred by the criteria and when you go to page 2 the rest of the games. Instead it should be loading all the games, sorting, then displaying. Just a guess mind you. 


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Owner19 months ago

I finally figured out what was going on and fixed the issue. Sorry for it taking so long!

Premium User19 months ago

Just did a quick test.  Looks like the Ascending Descending is no longer working and date added is the only way to sort. 

Something went wrong there.  

Owner19 months ago

There's a few changes I needed to make that reduced the functionality. I think I just need to spend some dedicated time on the list page to really make it shine! I'll get to work on fixing those issues more and adding some better features to enjoy the page more.

Premium User19 months ago

Don't be sorry!  Thanks for fixing it.  It wasn't a critical issue or anything.

Just to satisfy my curiousity, was I close on my guess as to the high level issue?

Owner19 months ago

The issue was related to how I was fetching the data. It now just simply fetches the games from the list in chunks of 100 ordered by date. Before it grabbed the entire list's game ids, made a separate search from the game database and then matched the games with the dates you added them and sorted after. It allowed for more search functionality but had some flaws.

Owner20 months ago

I’ll see what’s going on. Thanks for brining it up!