The Wyrmwood Modular Gaming Table is just... Wow.


After all of the time we spend researching and acquiring games, and then getting friends together for a game night, shouldn't that experience be the best it can be?

Wyrmwood Gaming just launched their 14th Kickstarter campaign, for a Modular Gaming Table. It's a solid wood table that comes in a variety of sizes, and you can increase or decrease the size of the table with upgrade kits as your needs change. 

Start out with the base pieces in the wood that you want (they are the end pieces with the logo, seen above), and you can change the height, length, felt, and accessories at any time.

Build your table exactly how you want it with the interactive customization tool. Any accessories you don't get today will make great birthday and holiday gift suggestions later!

Check out the campaign before it ends on October 9, 2020. Go to the Kickstarter!


About the Modular Gaming Table

The Modular Gaming Table from Wyrmwood Gaming is made in America from solid wood. It is striking not only in its design, but its craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Look how the topper mirrors the angled corner of the base. Even the storage box for the leaves has dovetail joints.

It comes in several sizes and heights, from coffee table to dining table for 8 to 10 people.

The Lilliput is 24" x 44", and starts at $300 for Maple. 

The Gaming Coffee Table is 44" x 48", and starts at $400 for Maple. 

Put taller legs on it, and it becomes the Small Gaming Table that seats four. It starts at $500 for Maple.

The Medium Gaming Table is 44" x 72" and seats six. It starts at $650 for Maple.

The Large Gaming Table is 44" x 96" and seats eight to ten. It starts at $800 for Maple.

Remember that the tables can be made smaller as well as larger, so if you move into a smaller place or become empty nesters, your table can adjust to fit your needs.

The important thing is to decide on your favorite wood. The tables are available in Maple, Espresso Maple, Cherry, Black Walnut, Padauk, Wenge, and Purpleheart.



Since we can't always be gaming, toppers are available to give the tables a solid surface. 

The toppers have a tongue-and-groove design with rubber in the groove side to provide spill resistance. The corners of the end pieces match the corners of the table base, and the available storage box provides a safe place to keep the leaves while you're gaming. 



The Modular Gaming Table has a magnetic rail that goes around the inside and outside of the table. Once in place, accessories can slide along the rail to be exactly where you want them.

Let's take a look at what's available.

When I think of a gaming table, I think of cup holders. 

There are two sizes; one for general use, and a smaller one for bottles and stemware. 

The metal insert is dishwasher safe. 

There are two shapes of component organizers. The new modular option is curved to fit on the left or right of other rail accessories.

Here it is next to the drink holder. Everything fits together nicely.

If you play a lot of games with hands of cards, take a look at the Card Shelf. It has two component wells, and a curved cut to hold cards that is angled back perfectly. Not only that, but it swivels!

Here's another look at it, without cards.

Especially if you're considering a coffee table, you might find the Power Pack useful. It charges your phone while keeping it handy. A charging station is also a nice thing to offer your guests when they need it.

Do you often keep score, or take notes? Imaging sitting down to a writing surface like this. 

The Player Desk has a leather surface and places for components and writing instruments. 

If your table is going to see a lot of RPGs and you want to get on the DM's good side, take a look at the Game Deck. It can slide to one end to be a place for the DM screen and other supplies, or it can go to the middle of the table to divide the table into two playing areas.

The Game Deck has the same magnetic rail to hold accessories. 

And if you use maps or other digital assets in your games, an Inset Screen is available that can hang on your wall when you're done. 


Playing Surface

If you like grid / hex maps, and acrylic sheets to cover your maps, Wyrmwood offers those as well (they really did think of everything). Wargamers, imagine having those sheets over your paper maps. 

It's a bit hard to see the clear acrylic in the image because it's, well, clear, but the videos on the campaign page show it off nicely.

The felt play surface is available in five colors. Charcoal (center) is the default color. 



All you'll need to provide is a hand drill. All other parts and bits are provided. But if assembling furniture isn't your thing, White Glove Delivery is available.


More on Kickstarter

Accessories are $10 off during the campaign, and that can be a significant savings.

The Kickstarter page has several videos that give you a closer look at all of the features and options. Be sure to check out the campaign before it ends on October 9, 2020. 

See the Kickstarter!

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Supporter10 months ago

I've wanted to buy their dice tray and other cool fancy accessories but haven't cause of the price and me prioritizing other things. They really do make beautiful products. 

Premium User10 months ago


One day I might have a cool gaming table. This one does look beautiful. Can't say I understand the use of a coffee table height one, though. I wouldn't want to play anything very long or involved at that height.

Partner10 months ago

I have friends that like to play 2p games on a small table from the couch after dinner, and this would allow them to tuck it away when they're done, so I could imagine them using it.

Premium User10 months ago

I suppose I could see that. Maybe an abstract strategy game you both enjoy and want to play frequently, or something like that.

Partner10 months ago

Or even something like Caverna: Cave vs Cave, and you could tuck it away mid-game.

Supporter10 months ago

They look beautiful. 

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