Top 5 Board Game Themes


A board game is never truly great unless it combines great gameplay with an incredible theme. What are your top/favorite themes?

Here are mine:

5. Historical - Medieval 

Thinking of games like#A Feast For Odin#Paladins of the West Kingdom and similar with this theme. Also#Dominion: Second Edition and others. This theme has lots of room for cool and fun games. Love it, just not as much as others.

4. Fantasy/D&D

A really broad category that encompasses quite a few games.#Gloomhaven,#Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure, and many many more. A strong theme but fairly generic, it still lends itself to great games.

3. Space/ Science-Fiction

Definitiely the most common theme that I own.#Terraforming Mars,#Gaia Project,#Empires of the Void II,#Underwater Cities, and many more. A truly great theme because of the wide open possibilities it offers. Space is so vast and so interesting and there are so many interesting things out there that this theme easily captures the imagination. Add in some sci-fi and you get a truly great theme. 

2. Historical - Roman

I really don't own any games with this theme and this is more of a wishlist theme than anything. Roman history is incredibly fascinating and I am constantly surprised that more games don't take advantage of this great theme.

1. Star Wars

Was there ever any question that this would be my favorite theme? Such an incredible IP and so many cool ships, characters, and places to explore. All my favorite games have this theme#Star Wars: Rebellion of course, but#Star Wars Imperial Assault and#Star Wars: Outer Rim too.

Whats your number one?

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Supporter10 months ago

Great choice.  I'm going to have to think about this.

Supporter10 months ago

No surprise here..... LOL as soon as I saw this list, I asked myself, "Did skurvy5 just write Star Wars 5 times?" 

Supporter10 months ago

Lol. I'm so predictable. Gloomhaven 5 times. Star Wars 5 times. 

Supporter10 months ago

There you go.

Supporter10 months ago

Your not wrong.

Also, side note I'm not able to post GIF's right now?

Owner10 months ago

Hmmmm we'll check it out! Thanks for the report. By the way, we're planning to add in Giphy as a feature :)

Supporter10 months ago

I will rule the day when that happens.

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