Brain Melters

Last night for game night we played a 4-player game of #Anachrony. My brain kind of gave out on me somewhere in the third round--as in, the analysis paralysis (AP) hit me hard. Even some of the other players were having some lengthy turns (so I didn't feel too bad). But I was able to reconnect my brain and end strong. I ended with 50 points (4th place), but the winner had 58 points, with the other two players falling in with 52 and 54 points. A very close game, all things considered. Despite the brain burning, I really did love it.

Which begs the quesitons: What are some of your favorite (or not favorite) games that have a tendency to melt your brain?

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Premium User26 days ago

When it comes to AP I have all the patience in the world for games that truly require thinking to make any reasonable move.  I have no patience for min maxing for that extra 1% efficiency while making everyone else wait for you.  (Talking non-tournament, regular game night games of course.)

A couple of AP players ruined playing Anachrony with expansions for me.  It's just not worth the time.

Of course every player is different and will have different opinions on this but generally I feel that a conscientious player should read the table and try to keep their turn time in line with the other players to a loose degree.

Rant over. ;)

Some brain melting games I enjoy or at least don't hate:

  • #Arkwright  We are playing it again tomorrow.  I am both dreading and looking forward to it.
  • #Gaia Project Absolutely love this game!  It hits a sweet spot of heavy vs time invested vs entertainment for me.
  • #Kanban EV My favourite Lacerda.  The complexity is thematic and feels deserved and not tacked on like many of his other games.
  • #Lignum (second edition) You have to plan turns and turns and turns ahead of time and can play a whole game and get nowhere.


26 days ago

I've really wanted to play Gaia Project. Looks amazing. Haven't heard much personally of the other games though. 

Premium User26 days ago

I call Arkwright "Spreadsheet The Game".  It's in a lot of ways just about running a business.  It takes in to account supply and demand, setting prices, automation, upgrading factories, etc etc.  I'm pretty neutral on it but one of the players in my group really enjoys it so we play it now and then.  

Kanban EV is a board game take on the Kanban method of design and development of cars.  It's probably because I work in a Agile software environment (which shares similarities to Kanban) but it all makes sense and flows together well.

Lignum is a game about cutting wood and fulfilling orders but you only go around the board a few times and there is strong competition for resources.  You more or less have to plan for which order you want to try to fulfill from turn 1 and work towards it.

Owner26 days ago

Pendulum melted my whole being.

Seriously, it was like someone put me on pause 😆

25 days ago

Which is ironic, considering it's a real-time game haha

But I hear ya. Pendulum had me seriously stressed most of the time haha I know a lot of folks don't care for it, but I think it's a fun game. Without the timers, it's really not that complex of a game. With the timers? Well, that's when your brain starts hurting :) 

26 days ago

I have been really enjoying #Clans of Caledonia with some folks on BGA. I am glad we are playing it asynchronously though as there is a lot of thinking needed, and a lot of working out combinations of actions and seeing if you can afford them.

Same goes for #Terra Mystica which I have also only played asynchronously.

#Cry Havoc is a bit of a brain burner but more in terms of you have so few actions (only 15 in the whole game) that you want to make each one count. Each one also feels so momentous as a result that there is a lot of 'oh gosh I hope that was the right move' moments.


26 days ago

All games I haven't played...but would love to! I ought to check some of those out on Board Game Arena, see what all the fuss is about. Also, I get confused frequently between BGA (Atlas) and BGA (arena). My first thought is always here at the Atlas. haha

24 days ago

Yes it is very confusing! Especially now that there is a BGA (atlas) group on BGA (arena).

It's been great for over the lockdown, you do lose some of what makes board games shine but it is good fun

Premium User26 days ago

#Paladins of the West Kingdom melts my brain. Once I played twice in a row. Never again. Once we tried playing it on a Friday night after a long week. Never again, haha. Great game, though.

26 days ago

That one looks so good! But I hear ya. While our game session wasn't on a Friday, it was on a Thursday, which is pretty close. And it took us 30 minutes to learn and 3 hours to play. I didn't get home until nearly 1:00 in the morning haha How long does Paladins usually take to play through?

Premium User26 days ago

Two players who are familiar with the game and also awake and alert can probably do it in 80-90 minutes, I'd guess. The play time isn't too bad, it's just the wide-openness of the game, so every turn there are so many options available to you, haha.

Think #Anachrony will be quicker on subsequent plays?

26 days ago

I'd like to think that it would, but you never know. If anything, I think it would probably be maybe 30 minutes short at the most. It just seemed like a long game, and we didn't help it along any haha

26 days ago

Board game time travel, all of a sudden it's four rounds later and you have no idea what just happened.

The math in #Azul in between round melts my brain. Love the game but it gets exhausting.

26 days ago

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that feels that way about Azul haha I'm a lot better at understanding the scoring now, but dang, it took me far too many plays to figure it out, and I still freak out a little bit every time haha

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