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Obsessed with Obsession

Premium User

Ok, not really. But of all the Out of Print giveaway options #Obsession is easily the one I'd chase the most and love the most to win.  Worker placement is perhaps my favorite mechanic in general and Obsession's unique theme and high rating among other players make it a nice target for future game nights.

As for my favorite worker placement games I'd say #Paladins of the West Kingdomis perhaps my overall favorite with #Anachronycoming in a close second.  

#Edge of Darknesssort of fell off the radar and is difficult to come by (meh, not worker placement) but looks like it could be a better card crafter than #Mystic Valewhich I found lacking.  

#Turin Market is the only hard to find game I've really chased much of late. And that one I am not chasing hard...just seeking a good deal when it comes around. 

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Owner55 days ago

I got extra copies for and myself too. I'm fairly certain that my wife will enjoy the theme so that was a big plus for me!

Premium User56 days ago

Haha I felt the same way when I looked more into it. Seems like something I would like based on the mechanisms for sure. I'm just so so on the theme. 

Did you play#Mystic Vale with any expansions? We have#Mystic Vale: Twilight Garden Expansion and while I wouldn't say it is a must or anything like that, it did add enough to the game to fix the problems of the base game I think.

Premium User55 days ago

I never played with any expansions. I did hear they improved the base game but never felt like investing. Generally of the base game isn't good enough for me to keep I tend not to invest in expansions. 

Premium User55 days ago

Makes sense. I only got one because I had picked up the base on a BOGO sale from AEG. 

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