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Camel up


Seriously What am I missing?

Im trying to figure out why #Camel Up (Second Edition) is so popular (as i write this its trending 55). I own it and I'm trying to love the game... but it's not happening! It looks really nice and all with the palm tree  🌴 and pyramid. But the black and white camels have hardly any effect on the game play and i feel the game is really repetitive and frankly quite boring.

Please share your thoughts on why you love this game! Please prove me wrong

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50 days ago

I did manage to squeeze in a play it at higher player count. We were 6 but more players would be better i think! I can now, for the first time since buying it, see potential in the game. 

Premium User59 days ago

I agree with the other commenters here. It's much better and crazier at higher player counts. My fiancée's parents and siblings had a blast playing this. As far as the black and white camels go, I find it rare they actually move when camels are on top of them, but we have had several situations where all the camels wound up stacked on each other.

2 months ago

That's unfortunate the white and black camels don't do much! They're the sprinkle of the unknown that I felt the first edition lacked. How many players are you with? I find it works best with higher counts, no less than 4 or 5. It also plays well with mixed ages (kids to grandparents). It definitely isn't a serious game for a couple or a group of "gamer's game" gamers.

2 months ago

Yeah that might be the problem... I've only tried it at smaller player counts 4 or less.

Owner2 months ago

I like playing this game with my family! My wife isn't in love with it as much as I am though. And I agree, every time we got this out for family game night, I wished the crazy camels had more of an effect on the race. I still like it a lot just because of how it keeps everyone on their toes and it's a harmless random fun with a bit of a test on your intuition.

2 months ago

I've started to divert from the rules regarding the crazy camels to see if I could get them to affect gameplay even more. here is what I tried so far:


- returning crazy camel die to the pyramid so it can be rolled again in the same round. 
- letting both crazy camels move on any dice roll (to get them do several laps) after the normal move  

- letting white crazy camel move 1 space on any rolled one and black crazy camel 1 space on any rolled 2 and move both camels two spaces on any rolled 3


like I said I'm trying to love the game 😂

2 months ago

I didn't realize the second edition had extra camels! I've only played the first edition; I thought all second got was a new look haha Shows what I know! 

The game is all about betting and wagering and hoping against all odds that the dice will fall just right. It's just a super light game where you kind of just hope for the best outcome. I can understand not loving this game if that's not your cup of tea.

The reason I like it so much is because it's easy to teach (we play this a lot with new gamers) and, due to the random nature of the game, the unexpected is generally expected which adds for a lot of laughter as everyone gets hosed simultaneously (except that one guy who bet on the underdog and came out on top). 

But, again, the gameplay probably isn't for everyone.

2 months ago

has had success in playing this one with family I believe! Seems like it could do well in that setting.

2 months ago

Will look at it. Thanks

2 months ago

I've not played it (yet) but I plan to buy it for my family. I was under the impression it was more of a family/kids game so I'm not expecting it to have much in it for me to enjoy from a hobbyist perspective.

2 months ago

I can recommend#Jamaica. Which is a game my family enjoys. 

well I guess I'm getting picky. Still haven't tried#Camel Up (Second Edition) on higher player counts, might be more fun?!?

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