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Update on Artist of the Week!


As I mentioned before, I began reaching out to board game illustrators for interview opportunities. My goal is to feature an "Artist of the Week" on the forum, where we get the "behind the scenes" look at our favorite artists' creative process--including their workflow, style, inspiration, their least and favorite part of board game illustration, how an illustration evolves from initial concept to final approved product, tips for upcoming artists getting into the board game industry, differences between illustrating for board games vs. other mediums, their reaction to the fans' reception of the game, etc.

Currently, I have two artists who will likely be available for an interview:

1. Atha Kanaani - known for her illustrations on several Pandemic expansions alongside Chris Quilliams!

2. Mr. Cuddington - the power duo behind the fun and attractive characters of Santorini and Charterstone, as well as many of the incredible illustrations behind Brass and Tidal Blades!

If you have any questions you'd like me to include in their future interviews, let me know in the comments! And again, feel free to give suggestions for future artists :D

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22 months ago

Were they sought after for their style or was there already an idea in mind and the designers needed a talent to make it look good?

22 months ago

What was their influence on their color palette?

22 months ago

I always like to hear what alternate ideas that artists had that got shot down.

Owner22 months ago

All great questions! Will try to include all of these :D