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RGL Top 10 - Perfect Pub Board Games -


Sometimes you just need to have a pint with your game…or vice versa. Pubs are fantastic social spaces for gaming that are easy to get to, have enough space to game, and don’t leave you with a bunch of plates and glasses to clean up.

So, we’ve made of a list of our favorite Pub board games that combine portability, durability, and easy-to-grasp rules. Each number on our list is perfect for throwing into your bag and meeting friends for drinks, a meal, or a beverage of your choice.

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Supporter9 months ago

Hive is a great choice because it can get wet and be fine. 

Partner9 months ago

that reminds me of #Too Many Bones :P

Supporter9 months ago

There you go, evem more fitting in terms of wet in the theme as well.... #Too Many Bones: Undertow

9 months ago

I do not think I would have expected Cosmic Encounter on that list, seems big!

Partner9 months ago

It's so fun when played with a little booze and in a crowded place :)

9 months ago

I will definitely need to give it a shot. I think one of the guys in our group still has it!

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