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How to set custom price alerts on individual games?

I just joined Board Game Atlas today. I read through this beginner guide:

The above guide mentions the following feature: "Price alerts on individual games that's on your radar or on your entire game list." It talks about a bell icon that exists on game pages to achieve this.

If I click on my username in the main menu and click on "Price Alerts" I see the following text: "You haven't set up any game price alerts. To start, go to a game page and click the icon next to prices section."

For the life of me, I cannot find the bell icon to setup individual price alerts. Hopefully I'm missing something super obvious. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!

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Owner39 days ago

It's not on the game pages right now because of a redesign to the system we're undergoing so the only price alerting feature at the moment is through the lists. I'll be re-implementing this soon though.

38 days ago

Awesome to hear! Thanks for your response !

39 days ago

I can't find it either!  I was looking all over for it today. 

Premium User40 days ago

Curious on how this works too. When you set up the price alert, do you just get the alert here or is an email sent to you like with other notifications? I'm clearly not using BGA to the best of its abilities lol

Supporter39 days ago

I get emails like a regular notification.

Premium User39 days ago

Cool! Guess I'll have to use that feature more

39 days ago

I setup price alerts on my entire wishlist yesterday, and I just got my first alert today. I received an email and a notification on the website. There wasn't any info in the "Price Alerts" section of the website. I guess that section is reserved for the missing bell icon functionality?

Owner39 days ago

Yes it is. I'll be working on that after some more international upgrades.

Premium User39 days ago

That's exciting! Just cause I'm always curious lol what was the game? I'm going to have to set up mine for the same

I couldn't begin to help you with any site specific functions in the slightest. That's a question for sure.

38 days ago

Premium User38 days ago

Nice choice! I really like that game.

Supporter40 days ago

I know that they have been working a lot on the pricing part of the site in the last weeks. I assume that they might maybe be in the process of changing that. I have set up pricing alerts for games before. But, I just checked and I couldn't find the bell either.

39 days ago

making sure you guys saw this

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