If you can only have one

Boardgame within a category e.g. strategy, tactic and no similar mechanic

Eurogame, Cardgame, Auction, Worker placement...

Which one would you choose and why?

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Premium User6 months ago

Interesting idea as I recently find myself passing on games that seem too similar to games already in my collection due to similar mechanics and themes. Well that's what I tell myself anyway..LOL. I think like , I would just find a way to game the system to keep my entire collection. I mean "Deck Building," "Bag Building," and "Pool Building" are all listed as separate mechanics on BGA. Add that into "Tableau Building" and "Engine Building" and that's 5 games from my top 25 right there lol.


Supporter6 months ago

I agree.  It's pretty easy for me to overlook worker placement because I have plenty of that in my collection already.

Premium User6 months ago

Yeah I'm getting to that point with worker placement games too. Recently it's been helping me justify not picking more games..with varying results lol.

Premium User6 months ago

Well...to be fair, I picked my top 10 mechanics.  With my collection I'm still dumping 90+% of my collection. :)

You are right though, the mechanics list is huge and many games have multiple mechanics so it's easy to make them fit somewhere.

Maybe we should make a poll to get the favourite mechanics from people and then work with the top 5 from that?

6 months ago

Sounds like a good idea, but where to start?

Premium User6 months ago

I can create a poll for it.  I don't know if putting in every mechanic is a good idea but if we don't we bias the poll.  

On the other hand, no one is going to take a poll with 167 options.

How about this?

We do an open ended question, take the top ones from that, then do a poll, and then we can come back to Allzweck's question?


Premium User6 months ago

I like that idea!

Supporter6 months ago

Since many games have a lot of different mechanics would one game encompass all those?  I don't if that makes sense so I'll give an example.

If I pick #Root does that count toward both asymmetry and area control?  Also some may argue it's a war game.

6 months ago

That would make for an interesting list, as in if you pick a big meaty game with a tonne of interwoven mechanics then it takes up more space on your list, or you pick a more streamlined/focused game that only takes up one or two.

Premium User6 months ago

I started on this and then realized that I can use so many categories that I could probably keep my entire collection for one reason or another. :)

So I narrowed it down to my top 10 favourite mechanics from the BGA mechanics list and games I own and would keep:

Action Selection: #Scythe

Area Control: #Forbidden Stars

Coop Play: #Spirit Island

Deck Building: #Clank! In! Space!

Dice Rolling: #Big Trouble in Little China: The Game - Deluxe Edition

Network and Route Building: #Brass: Birmingham

Rondel: #Teotihuacan: City of Gods

Tableau Building: #Terraforming Mars

Tile Placement: #Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King

Worker/Dice Placement: #Village



Premium User6 months ago

Kind of seems like cheating lol but it's a solid list!

Premium User6 months ago

I wasn't super clear on exactly what was looking for so I made some criteria to help it along. :)

What would your top 10 mechanics and games be?  

Premium User6 months ago

I originally started to make a post just like yours but it was too difficult to pick just 10! 

I think the tops of my list would be engine building and worker placement. But I also like card drafting and social deduction.Oh and rondels and tile placement :P

See? Too difficult lol

6 months ago

Basically I have a similar "problem" as too much games who are very close in mechanics. I know it's hard but already outmanoeuvred my intense;) It's a bit of what game should I keep, and are there some genres or games I completely missed. 

I find myself surrounded by a bunch of workerplacment-games, and my wife always told me they are all similar (but they aren't;)

#Root I'd count same as you 

Premium User6 months ago

There's nothing wrong with games close in mechanics if you enjoy that mechanic.  Once you play enough games those differences can turn out to be significant.  

I recently did a post on 5 deck building games I own and how they are different.  I've done the same for dice worker placement games as well.

Nothing wrong with having more than 1 game with a mechanic as long as you enjoy having it!