Dark Mode is Live on Board Game Atlas!

After our announcement of how we acquired Board Game Prices, I got a new flood of requests for dark mode. I've gotten it many times before and have had it on my backlog as something to work on once the main new features get completed. Mostly because I expected it to take a few days to make.

It turns out, it only took 3 hours after I did some minor tests to see so it's now live! If you want to enable it, just go to your settings page and toggle it on or off.

You'll be able to have a nice alternate way to see all the content you enjoy on Board Game Atlas. If you see some visually weird things just let me know and I'll adjust them.

Thanks again for continuing to care about the site and voice what's important to you.

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Supporter13 months ago

The only big issue I saw was on mobile. When you open up a forum post the dark doesn't completely cover the screen. Besides this, I think I'm going to the Dark Side. Love it!

13 months ago

Ahhhh beautiful! My eyes thank you!

13 months ago

Looks great! A minor thing is that the upvote button for comments is hard to see.

Supporter12 months ago

Oh nice! I"m going to do this

13 months ago

My eyeballs thank you.

Supporter13 months ago

This is nice for late night browsing! Although normally I really like the look of the normal mode.