E12 Interview with Dan & Connie Kazmaier creators of the Chai Board Game

I had the pleasure of speaking with Dan & Connie who created the successful board game called Chai which launched on Kickstarter in 2018 and raised over $135......

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13 months ago

That's it. I'm moving back to Canada. Sounds like a great board game community where they're at!

I'll be all over the Pad Thai game! Love Thai food :) Already follow them on Instagram. Great people!

Premium User13 months ago

oo I will listen to this tomorrow while I'm working!

Owner13 months ago

Just know that there was a bit of an audio issue so you'll have to be understanding about that hahaha. Trent addresses it in the beginning. 

Premium User13 months ago

Ah ok, no worries!

Owner13 months ago

Great conversation, I enjoyed listening to it while working. It's pretty amazing how much they have achieved since my interview with them. I hope their game arrives soon so that we can hear your thoughts!

Also, having graphic design skills is soooo valuable for marketing purposes :D

Supporter13 months ago

Chai looks like a great game!

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