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Any games that play like poker?


I’ve been playing more poker lately and have been really enjoying learning a bunch about the strategy and reading your opponents. I know there are many MTG players who used to be poker players. Are there any other games that have similar gameplay or stately styles to poker?

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22 months ago

Skull has some of that same reading your opponents mechanic.  I don't find it as deep as poker though.  But its much shorter, so that can be better depending on the group.

Owner22 months ago

Very true! I do like the bluff and opponent reading aspects of Skull!

22 months ago

Oh yeah! and once you learn you dont even need the game. ive known people to play with coasters at a pub.

22 months ago

Poker lol. Not sure about poker but Lords of Vegas is just craps the board game lol

22 months ago

Shut up and Sit down started a new show recently called "card games that dont suck." they give some great recommendations and teach you how to play too! all you need is a deck of cards and some frienda