How much are you willing to pay?

ello fellow gamers,

The other day I found one of those games that got away (#Shadows Over Camelot). It's selling used on an auction site. There are a couple of days left of the auction and the price have climbed quite a bit. It's approaching fast on my limit... 😢


So the the question is how far would you go for THAT game that got away? And what game is it?

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Owner8 months ago

Hmm.... I have no idea. What I do know is that I don't want a game to that extent yet. It's typically been games that go out of stock and I had to wait for 6-12 months or so to see it come back. For me to be willing to spend a lot for a used copy, I'd guess that it'll fulfill either of these conditions: (1) I have prior experience with it, absolutely love the gameplay, and know it will get to the table frequently or (2) there's a strong nostalgia/emotional value attached to it. Even if 1 or 2 of those were satisfied I still wouldn't go past paying more than 2 times its usual cost, at least given my current budget.

8 months ago

Holy cow! I didn't realize the prices for that game has climbed like that! 

I don't know if I'd pay much over MSRP for any game at this point. I'd likely just say " bummer" and move on to whatever game next caught my fancy.

Supporter8 months ago

That is a very personal question, personal in the sense that it will vary widely depending on the individual. The short answer is that you have to decide what it is worth to you. Once you have determined what it is worth to you, than don't pay more than that. That is going to vary widely depending on the game. I have games that I wouldn't ever play more than Msrp for. There are others that I would play several times msrp for.

As far as the "one that got away." I don't really have any of these. 

8 months ago

That is a dangerous path, my friend! It's hard to quantify value if you feel you really want something, but this is how prices balloon nigh infinitely. It's funny to thing about pricing in miniatures games, or even more so, trading card games, when costs become hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Board games always have "the one that got away", but once it's out of print I just don't think it's worth it to play one of those inflated third party prices.

Premium User8 months ago

Hmm, I don't know if I'd ever be willing to pay much over MSRP. There are lots of good games, and it'd be hard pressed up live up to the price if I had to pay double for it or something like that.

8 months ago

The problem is with the advent of KS boxes the MSRP's are climbing as well...

In this hobby, you're never wanting for great, affordable games. There'll always be a new fangled game on the horizon to look forward to and if looking backwards at rare or OOP games costs twice as much, I don't really see much value in that. 

Premium User8 months ago


Premium User8 months ago

To answer your 2nd question, I don't think I really have a game like that. There are games that are out of print that would be cool to have, but I think I just take the approach of "oh well"