Sleeping Gods: Unboxing & Overview of Gameplay


Bradly opened up his copy of Sleeping Gods, the big new campaign game from Red Raven Games. Not everyone here at Gumbo HQ has gotten a chance to play, but Bradly and Carlos have adventured a few times in this gorgeous world. 

#Near and Far is still one of my top ten favorite games of all time. I can't wait to try it myself, but until then, I will have to content myself with Bradly's video unboxing and overview of the gameplay. Has anyone else tried Sleeping Gods? Anyone excited for the newest campaign game, #Now or Never

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42 days ago

I dig your style and clear and concise delivery. Checked out your channel and subscribed. I liked the Kickstarter Lagniappe series. Would love to see more of those!

Partner42 days ago

Hey thanks for the kind words!  Bradly and Carlos put a lot of effort into those unboxing / gameplay videos. We get some rules wrong, but mostly that's because this is our first look at the game.   I have more KS lagniappe videos coming out -- I try to do at least one per month on games that might be overlooked, are reasonably priced, and throw in a little something extra ("lagniappe"!)  Thanks for watching and subscribing. 


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