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Ranking My Games by Personal Value


A few months back I made a spreadsheet of all my games. Then made columns for Rating, Plays, and Price (approximate if I couldn't remember or received it in a trade and also added together expansion costs into a single listing).

Then I came up with an equation to determine how much Value I have gotten out of each game based on the above data. But I also weighted the equation toward Rating.

Value = (Rating+(Plays/5))-((Price/Plays)/2)

Dividing Price into Plays tells me the cost per Play and then dividing that by 2 is again just for weighting the overall Value towards my Rating for the game.

I'm sure there is other ways to determine how much Value has been derived from a game, this is just mine. For reference, of the top 20 games on the list, I would only consider 13 of them to be among my favorites.

I could not get a proper spreadsheet table pasted in here so here is a link to the actual Google Sheet: BG Ratings

[EDIT] Here is the updated spreadsheet that incorporates playing time into the formula: BG Ratings w/Play Time

The new formula is:

Value = ((Rating*10)+((Plays*Playing Time)/5))-((Price/Plays)/2)

This new formula created a lot of changes at the top and the results are something I am actually more comfortable with than the first iteration.

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2 months ago

I love this! I may do this with my collection too!

Premium User2 months ago

Fascinating! Is there a way to account for games that take longer to play? For example, Love Letter vs Dune

Supporter2 months ago

I'm actually redoing the formula to account for that. I am adding a column with average play time as per BGG and then reconfiguring the formula a bit to rebalance things. Not quite done but so far I really like the output. There are a couple games near the top of the current list that never quite sat right with me and the new formula definitely corrects that.

Supporter2 months ago

I like this idea, for nerd purposes.....

I do wonder if I were to do something I think I would have to do time invested. I have only had #Navajo Wars in my possesion for about a month. And, I have played it three times. I think I have spent about 4 hours a play. 12 hours does sound a lot better from a "value" perspective than 3 plays. 

Supporter2 months ago

You could also tweak the formula. Mine intentionally devalues plays in favor of rating.

You could potentially just add an average time column and then work that into the formula...hmm I might do something like that myself.

Supporter2 months ago

Working on this idea now...adding in average game time as per BGG and reworking the formula. I like it!


Supporter2 months ago

Good deal, I am interested in how that mixes it up. I do think that a 3-8 hour game that gets played several times a year can be a decent value, even compared against a 30 minute card game that gets played much more frequently.

Supporter2 months ago

The new spreadsheet with play time factored has been added to the OP now. It changed things a lot and for the better I think.

Supporter2 months ago

I do really like this list a lot better. I do find it interesting how much movement there was for some games, but, some games had virtually no change in rank, #Roll For The Galaxy is number 8 in both lists. #The Castles of Burgundy only moved 1 spot.

Supporter2 months ago

#XCOM: The Board Game was the biggest bump I saw, moving from 37th to 4th.

There was so much movement that I hadn't even picked up on the stationary ones that you pointed out.

Supporter2 months ago

Yes, that was the biggest jump I saw as well. 


2 months ago

Pretty cool, nice idea! I wouldn't have the attention span to make something like this lol, but I like to include emotional attachment in my ratings too. #Tigris & Euphrates is my favourite design, but my favourite memories are from #Detective: A Modern Crime Game even though it's a flawed game.

2 months ago

Interesting. Is "emotional attachment" and "memories generated" a part of the rating? :) this emotional factor would be in it for me as well.

I like your function, it's elegant and representative.

I would work with a price range score (1-5 or 1-10)as well because I think it would impact the formula less when I would go and tweak it.

2 months ago

This is really cool and not something I've seen people try to quantify often. Just wondering, did you give some consideration to number of plays versus time spent? I'm curious about which would be better or if it's possible to incorporate both, because it'd be hard to compare sessions of, say, #Twilight Imperium 4th Edition to #One Night Ultimate Werewolf. On the other hand, I think very few people actually track time played per game.

Supporter2 months ago

I did not give consideration to time spent though that is an interesting angle. A game like Eclipe that tkaes 3 hrs to play vs 20 minutes for Star Realms certainly introduces some oddities into the ranking. I am happy with it as is though.

Owner2 months ago

Nice! I see you're a numbers person 😆 (me too) 

Looks like I need to request for access. Was that the intent? 

2 months ago

I'm definitely a number and spreadsheets guy too! I haven't played my games enough yet to get a true ranking but I definitely want to implement this at some point.

Supporter2 months ago

Whoops no it wasn't...

Premium User2 months ago

I was going to ask the same thing but I see it's fixed now. This is me right now

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