I finally have a shelf for my games (COMC)


Woah, for the first time ever, I have a dedicated shelf for my games! My wife picked up a used one that college students were throwing away. This is in our garage that we transformed into her music studio/study room (I don't have to worry about moisture level around here, but might have to watch out when winter comes).

It's surprising how short my "history" is as a gamer. It all started after I joined working on Board Game Atlas on March 2019, and my first purchase was #Viticulture: Essential Edition in December. Since then, I've acquired a bunch of games by either buying it myself, getting a review copy (which usually goes back and forth between me and Trent), or buying under Board Game Atlas as part of our duty to keep up with the latest trends and review the hottest games ;)

(Note: There are several other games we bought under Board Game Atlas that are on the office shelf. Also, I just noticed that my copy of #Just One and #Skull are missing in the picture)

As mentioned in another post, I tend to like:

  • Medium weight (not too simple, not overly complex)
  • Not too many moving parts. I love it when I encounter games that are surprisingly deep despite having so few pieces involved
  • Tests my strategic and tactical decision-making skills
  • Great thematic ties in mechanics
  • Great solo mode
  • Decent amount of player interaction
  • Scales well for 2p count

Here are my favorites (so far):

Games I haven't played yet:

Games I'm thinking of trading or selling locally:

Games at the top of my wishlist:

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9 days ago

Nice.  Definitely some good games there. It's always nice to have space for the games.  I finally have a dedicated game room/office/wife's craft room.  

Supporter9 days ago

When there's limited space/number of rooms, gotta have it multi-functional for sure haha. Does the room basically contain all board game and craft related stuff?

9 days ago

Yeah, I've got a small bookshelf and a desk for my "office" in one corner, the board games along one wall, and on the other wall a table for my gaming/my wife's sewing station/whatever she wants to work on at the moment. 

Supporter9 days ago

Of the games you haven't played yet, which one is on the top of your list to get to next?

Supporter9 days ago

I severaly dislike trying to learn the rules for prototype of games when the "rulebook" is just a bunch of 8-1/2x11's staped together. So #Agricola (Revised Edition) :)

11 days ago

Yay! Looking good!

Supporter9 days ago

Thanks! It makes me want to play more.

Supporter11 days ago

Looking good Phil!

Supporter9 days ago

Thanks! Nice to have some organization in my life... haha

Supporter11 days ago

That's great news.

Wow that fort box is really small. 

Supporter9 days ago

Yup, it's super compact and light. I do wish the resource tokens (pizza and toys) were a bit bigger though because they feel tiny even with my relatively small hands. Otherwise, it's really well done!

Supporter9 days ago

How big are the tokens? Dime? Nickle? Quarter? 

Supporter9 days ago

Just a little bit larger than a pencil eraser lol

Supporter9 days ago

Wow, that is tiny.

12 days ago

Wow, I always kind of assumed you must have been playing for years and had turned that passion into a job with BGA. Would love to hear how you and Trent started this thing sometime and what motivated you to get involved

Supporter9 days ago

I know right? It sure feels like it's been a long time but nope. I basically did a ton of playing, watching, and reading about board games and board game-related content to "catch up". Partly for business reasons, but mostly because I got so passionate about having a hobby I can enjoy with my wife :)

Trent has been thinking of changing gears and using YouTube to share more about his personal experiences and thoughts/insights more than just doing pure board game reviews, so you'll probably hear from him on some of those soon! But yeah, he started out first by trying to publish his own game designs through Kickstarter. He got firsthand experience in the difficulties and all of the hoops creators have to go through to promote their games, and decided to make his own website to promote his games. After building the platform and sharing about it on reddit (toward the end of 2018 I think?), it got tons of upvotes and traffic and he knew he should completely jump on board to this opportunity. Since then, the website completely evolved and we have a good direction!

7 days ago

Nice! I am so glad it has been a positive experience for the two of you!

It's always fascinating to me the journeys people take to get to the places they are, the world is full of all kind of surprising stories. I will keep an eye out for those videos.