5 Essential Games That Are Currently 40% Off

When a bunch of  essential board games are still on sale after Prime Day

Alright. I don't know how long these sales are going to last, so this won't be the most in-depth article, but the everything you need to know is in here. If you've been wanting to expand or start your board game collection, these games are some great ones to start with. In the ashes of Amazon Prime day, these are five sales have arisen as deals you definitely shouldn't miss, as they are all the cheapest these games have ever been.

Dixit (39% off)

Alright, I admit it's not really 40% off, but what's 1%. Dixit was the winner of the 2010 "Spiel des Jahres" German Board Game of the Year Award and is a game based on storytelling. One person (called the storyteller) is given a single picture and the rest of players are given hands of six pictures. The storyteller says a word that connects to his picture, all the player put one of their cards into a pile and bet on which one is the storyteller's. It's kind of a visual, sfw Cards Against Humanity. The game is currently $21.23 on Amazon.

Sushi Go! (40% off)

This game doesn't come with edible sushi, but it definitely might make you crave some. Sushi Go! is all about card management and combining ingredient cards, which have different point values and effects, in order to get the most points with your final sushi. This game is a very light drafting game that is relatively easy to pick up, making it perfect party game for newer players. The game is currently $7.20 on Amazon.

7 Wonders (40% off)

7 Wonders is another drafting game that won the 2011 Kennerspiel des Jahres (Enthusiasts Game of the Year) Award. In the game, each player takes on the role as a leader of a civilization and uses various cards to build them up throughout three eras. Each player starts with three cards from the first era's deck, chooses one, and passes the remaining two to their neighbor. This continues until there are no more cards left, and then the rotation begins again with the second, and then third eras. The goal of the game is to get the most points within your civilization by the end of the game. The game is currently $29.88 on Amazon.

Splendor (41% off)

Spendor is a game where players use a variety of chips to buy cards in order to be the first to 15 points. Each card has a different price, point value or effect, and as you buy more cards with different effects, it becomes easier to buy cards. This is a simple game that allows new and old players to enjoy the game play together. The game is currently $23.76 on Amazon.

Carcassonne (43% off)

Carcassonne is a tile placement games where players collectively create a landscape and then compete to place followers on these various types of tiles in order to score the most points by the end of the game. It was first published in 2000, but continues to be relevant as a game that many still enjoy playing. The game is currently $19.99 on Amazon.

And there you have it

These games may not be the newest or hottest ones out there, but they are some that are beloved by many and continue to be played today. Amazon deals don't tend to last too long so if you are hesitating, I would definitely go for it!

Now go fast like everyone's favorite (blue) hedgehog and grab these games!

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Supporter16 months ago

I recommend Sushi Go Party! over the small Sushi Go deck, there is a lot more variability that keeps the game interesting and you can get it usually for around $15-20.

Supporter16 months ago

7 Wonders is my favorite game of all time. It is better with the Leaders expansion, which adds a lot of strategic depth without changing the complexity that much.