Root: Battle Report (Banking Bubble Bust)


So unlike other schools I've been lucky to be in a school that has been in person all year... and we finally have spring break this week.  So I decided to jump back on and do a little TTS gaming.  I haven't played on TTS in about a year at this point.  I was lucky enough to get a 4 player game of #Root last night.

We played with the Lord of the Hundreds, The Riverfolk, The Lizard Cult, and the Underground Duchy (me).

I started strong creating a well guarded financial empire.  I was able to sway the Banker minister right away and cash in a lot of cards purchased from the Riverfolk for some sweet sweet points... but then, at the hands of the Warlord... financial ruin.  My economic machine was drastically slowed down.  I had a quick burst of economic prosperity toward the end of the game, but it was too little too late.

Honestly, none of the players really understood how the Lord of the Hundreds played (except the guy who played them), and so it was kind of his game to lose.  Because of my economic boom I didn't do enough to police the Warlord which ended up bad for everyone.  It was a tight race... Warlord 30, Duchy and Riverfolk 26, Lizard Cult 25.

I had one major takeaway from the play that I think will guide my plays in the future.  I'm going to focus first and foremost on the story my plays of Root tell over just winning.  I think if I had focused on the story of the game and trying to undermind the Warlord someone else could have taken the lead but I also would not have backed myself into a one strategy corner.

I also think this is the first time I've played a game of Root with no base factions.


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Premium User5 months ago

"none of the players really understood how the Lord of the Hundreds played (except the guy who played them)"

This describes every single game of #Root that I've played, replacing "Lord of the Hundreds" with whatever the owner of the game is playing that night He has all the expansion factions, which makes it infuriating, haha. I feel like I would enjoy the game a lot more if we played with just the base factions (or at least the same factions) a bunch of times in a row.

Supporter5 months ago

I kind of get that.  I think this was coupled with the fact that we were playing too late to spend much time learning them.  When I play at home we always talk about how they work and also how to work against whatever faction it is.  But TTS wasn't the best place to introduce a new faction without the time to really give them and context or teaching.

Premium User5 months ago

Yeah that's not the ideal situation to learn a new faction. Just as learning it from the guy in my group who owns the game is not the ideal situation, haha.

Supporter5 months ago

You need to send him my way to get a lesson in teaching, hah.

I think the most important things with new factions is to teach how it works basically, how it scores, and what is it's weak point.  If you know those things you can generally get after them after 1 - 2 rounds tops.

The hardest part on TTS was the guy didn't really talk through how/why he was doing what he was doing, he just kind of did things.

Premium User5 months ago

That's kinda how my friend plays it every time he uses a new faction, haha. I have to explicitly ask him "how does your faction score" every time, because he doesn't seem to think it's important to give us that information

Owner5 months ago

What was your overall impression of the new faction? And were you using the new setup rules? Curious if that alone has been a big game changer. Also wondering if your impression of the other faction (was it Stone Seekers?) has improved since your initial thoughts.

Also, congrats on the spring break! It's surprising to hear that you've been doing in-person lessons all this time. 

Supporter5 months ago

Ok, so here is the latest Design Diary focused on improving the Keeprs of Iron and it has me excited to play them.  I think thematically I really like their Knights of the old order feel...

Design Diary #5

Supporter5 months ago

Oh man, I thought they were very cool and definitely gave a feel of a roving mob lead by a charismatic and maniacal leader.  I think it really follows the them well.

We didn't use the new set up rules yet but I hope to do that the next time I play on TTS or with my gaming group.  I usually don't like PNP stuff but just for the Advanced Set Up I have it on a thicker cardstock so I think that will be really good.

I think what I've seen has caused the Keepers of Iron to grow on me but I still need to see them played more to be sure.

Yeah, I feel blessed that both myself and my daughters have been in school all year.  I've had to teach from home a total of like 12 days or something and my older daughter hasn't missed any days for digital learning.

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