2023 Gaming Resolutions

Created this post last year and it was fun to track my progress on those resolutions so decieded to do the same this year.

Recap of 2022 Resolutions

  1. Play 80% of my games - Success - I finished playing 81.6% of my collection
  2. Cull something from the collection - Success - I managed to cull about a dozen games from the collection.
  3. My 5 x 5 challange.  - Failure - I only got 5 or more playes in on 3 of the 5 games.  I did get 4 plays in on the 4th game but only 2 plays in on Blood Rage.  This is hard with the first resolution to play so much of my collection.
  4. Play more with family - Success - While it wasn't a lot more than 2021.  My total plays with family members did improve from 2021 to 2022. 

Overall I had a pretty year in 2022.  Now onto my 2023 Resolutions

  1. To cull anything that I haven't played in over 2 years.
  2. To play 80% of the collection again.  This feels like a reseasonable goal.
  3. To limit my crowdfunding to 5 or fewer games or less than $500.  The money isn't an issue but I'm pretty happy with my collection in both size and coverage.  While I can make space for the games I have coming in 2023, and I have some big ones coming, I don't see a need to back as much as I have the last couple of years.  Also, there isn't as much value in KS games recently as there was in 2021 and early 2022.
  4. To average 1 game a month with my oldest and my wife and 2 games a month with my youngest.  Putting actual numbers against the goal this year ;)
  5. To empty my shelf of opportunity.  Right now there is only one game that has been on there for 13 months, everything else has only been there since late Nov. 

What are your gaming related resolutions for 2023?

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27 days ago

As ever, not resolutions, but things I'm looking forward to next year are:

- Finally getting Roborally back to the gaming table, I mean it's only been about 25 years since I last played it! If that goes well, then I may even consider the reprint of the expansion I'm missing, assuming the reprint plans go ahead.
- It would be nice to collect a campaign game group together. I have two and much prefer multiplayer to solo
- I suspect the same drop-off in buying (and backing) will continue into 2023, but I'm certainly open to things that excite. I was aiming for a 3 o/s KS deliveries, and although I went above that, I'm now below it, with 2nd wave of #ISS Vanguard to follow, plus probably #Aeolis though it's been something of an uncertain ride, as they've not been especially open about the problems they've experienced. That drop-off also includes only buying expansions that I reckon can be taught with the base game - essentially becoming my version of the base game.
- Nice to keep on top of the painting as I've done this year. All minis in my games are painted, except for putting the finishing touches to ISS Vanguard and Etherfields. Whilst I never back the mini only add-ons, the numbers of minis in Etherfields were still quite large. Painting isn't a hobby in otself, but it i a useful 'mindful' activity.
- There are some games I probably do need to move on, as I can't see me taking them to games night.

Moderator Level 126 days ago

I'm once again participating in a shelf of shame "contest" this year. I put contest in quotes because there's really no prize or common goal. It's literally just whatever parameters you want to set for yourself and your unplayed games. I'm personally doing it the same way it was done last year - playing 25% of my unplayed games every quarter of the year.

The difference for me this year is I plan to separate my list of games into 4 buckets of specific games I'm trying to play each quarter. I think that will keep me more on track and not just have me gravitating to playing whatever game is newer or seems easiest to get to the table. I've had some games unplayed for quite some time and I need to figure out if I actually like them. Playing them is the only way that will happen.

In additon to that, I want to of course revisit some of the games I've played for the first time last year that I really enjoyed. I'm making a secondary goal to play 5-10 games of my choosing each quarter as well. Whether it be old favorites or games I played once and want to go back to, it doesn't matter! I just feel like I've been only playing new to me games each and every time I sit down to play something.

And finally, I'm really trying not to buy anything new this year. I have some Kickstarter projects I've backed that know I need to pay shipping on but, outside of those, I have no plans to buy anything new for at minimum 6 months. I find myself having less and less time to play games as it is, so this should be fairly easy. We'll see!

26 days ago

I don't usually make new year resolutions but I figured I'd try it out:

  • The great culling!! I have a single cabinet where all of my games currently reside. I've maximized the space and have managed to fit about 100 games/expansions on it. However, I've made a pact with myself (primarily to curb my purchasing habits) that I cannot buy any more games without first getting disposing of games on the cabinet. It's a good system since I really enjoy 90% of my games. Unfortunately, I received a handful of games over the holiday so now I'm forced to make room. And so, I will have to really think about which games aren't making the cut, especially since some of the games are in bigger boxes that only fit on certain shelves and I like ALL of the games on there.
  • I am in the process of developing a few games. There are about 4 games with good ideas but only about 2 that are in any form of playable status at the moment. I'd like to get at least one of those fully play tested and hopefully to the point where I have a good demo copy by the end of the year. After that, I'll probably start shopping it around and see if any publishers are interested.
  • I've talked about it several times before but I have a single game on my shelf of shame: #A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition. It's been in my collection for about 4 years now and I want to FINALLY get this to the table. So it's gonna happen. I am making it happen!
  • I've always enjoyed campaign games but have had trouble finding a group of people who would be interested in going through them with me. Fortunately, as of last year, I've finally found a small group and we've recently started on a #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion. Hopefully, this is just the first of many and I can get some other campaign games going like #Scythe: The Rise of Fenris.
  • I host a pretty sizable board game group of a little over 1,000 members and would like to add more events to my calendar so I can get more people in the hobby. I want to branch out to some other cities in the county to grow the group.

Moderator Level 126 days ago

Hmm, I'm not much for resolutions, but here are a few things I'd like to do this year:

  • Play #Dune with my local group. This is a favorite of my friends back in CA, but I haven't played yet with anyone here in NC. It's my favorite game, so I want to get it played! I think my game group would really love it.
  • My wife and I "started" a 3x5 challenge toward the end of the year last year, and have made basically zero progress on it, so I'd like to make our way through that. I let her pick 2 of the 3 games so I feel like it shouldn't be that hard, but I've got to catch her in the right mood, haha.
  • I like your idea of playing a percentage of your collection. Are you calculating that by hand? I did a pretty quick assessment right now and it seems to be about 75% for me, which is higher than I would have guessed. It looks like I also sold/gave away 11 games this year, only 2 of which were unplayed, which would raise my percentage slightly if I included those as well. All that to say - 80% seems like a reasonable goal, so I'll shoot for that!
  • Find someone who'll play #Baseball Highlights: 2045 with me XD
  • Play more regularly with my wife. Our plays in the past year have been somewhat haphazard, but I'd like to get back into the habit of just having a game set up on the table that we can play over the course of a day or two - she doesn't always like to sit down for a full game of something longer, but she likes it when we can ply it over a longer period, so it works pretty well.
  • I'll take your final one of emptying my shelf of opportunity. There are a couple of games that have been on it for quite a while, and some that have arrived only recently. The count right now is 8, and some of those are certainly destined for the sell pile, but I think some have pretty good chances of sticking around, so I'd like to get those played and find out.

26 days ago

Since you and a couple of others have asked.  Here is the process I use to calculate how much of my collection i've played.  I'm using Excel for this but the same principals would work in google sheets or really any other table based tool you have access to.

  1. I download my collection from BGG - If you can get a filter of just the stuff you own that is awesome I included everything I've played and on my wishlist so I had to do some clean up first.
    1. I exclude expansions from my play list so I'm only looking at base game.  Any game where I would mark the play on the expansion in BGG (like Down Force) gets transferred to base game for list purpose.
    2. If you already have just the stuff you own you can skip this step; otherwise I added a column called Own and put a value of 1 for stuff I own, -1 for stuff I've culled (i'm working from an old list and this allows me to keep the same file for an entire year without having to update it throughout the year) and 0 for stuff that is on wishlists or stuff i've only played friends copy of, etc.
    3. I add a column for Collection.  I put a value of 1 for stuff that counts towards my collection that I want to include for my 80% play mark.  I exclude completed legacy games, and all of my younger kids games (sorry, Hi-O Cheerio, etc) + there are a couple of sentimental games that I exclude.
    4. I then create a seperate tab within the workbook to track my plays
    5. I add a column to my collection spreadsheet for 2023 plays
      1. I vlookup the name from this workbook with the name in the plays workbook and get the # of plays from there
    6. Using that information I now calculate the following:
      1. Games in my collection  (not expansion, not Legacy, not child)
        1. A count ifs statement where collection = 1 and own = 1.  This allows me to remove culled items from my collection but still keep their plays towards my 80% goal by only updating the own column.
      2. games played in my collection to reach 80%
        1. The value above * .80 to see how many I need to play to reach 80 % (rounded to nearest whole number)
      3. games played in my collection to reach 90%
        1. The value from 6.1 *.9 to see how many I need to reach 90% (rounded to nearest whole number)
      4. games played ytd
        1. Do a countif statement on the plays column to see if a value is >=1 AND collection =1 to see how many games I've played at least once
      5. games to play yet this year to reach 80%
        1. Calculation of # of games needed minus # played
      6. games to play yet this year to reach 90%
        1. Calculation of # of games needed minus # played
      7. Percent of games played this year
        1. # played/Collection sum

I usually update the plays on a weekly basis when I'm doing the weekly what did you play forum here and I update the own column as stuff leaves/enters.  While a little manual I've found isn't to terrible for me to manage on a weekly basis.

Premium User27 days ago

I've never been a huge resolution guy.  I tend to either do the thing now or not do it.  

However, in the spirit of your post I would like to do more of the following:

  • Play more COIN games and larger games in my collection that I have trouble getting to the table.
  • Maintain my collection size where it is relatively speaking.
  • Just play more games!  I often find the organizing of games pretty tiring right now.  So I'm hoping to spread out that burden to other people in the group so I'm not always pushing people to play. (Other than the diehard members of my group who I never have to push of course.)


Moderator Level 18 days ago

I'm a little slow to respond here, (it's January-busy time of year for bookkeepers!) but here it is:

Last year's reslutions included: going to my first convention (Dice Tower West) - check; buying less games in 2022 (10 games and 4 expansions [if you count #Everdell: The Complete Collection as one game and not with individual expansions]) than in 2021 (25 games and 13 expansions) - check; play more games (I think so? I tracked my plays and ended up with 83 different games played) - check; play with neighbors six times a year (we made it three times) - didn't accomplish.

This year, I'd like to do the following:

  • attend Dice Tower West again (have ticket - it's a great vacation after two busy months of work to meet filing deadlines)
  • play more games (always a good thing, right?)
  • play more games with my wife (yes, two different goals; I want to play more with her specifically)
  • play with my aforementioned neighbors at least every other month (off to a great start-we played on New Year's Day)
  • don't buy more than ten games this year 

5 days ago

Better late than never.  Good luck with your goals this year.  They all seem pretty reasonable and do-able.

Moderator Level 15 days ago

Thanks! Whether I acheive them or not, I'll have fun along the way.  Just enjoyed two games of #Downforce: Danger Circuit Expansion (first time playing and I've had it for almost 18 months) with my wife on Sunday.  This year's off to a good start!

5 days ago

Danger Circuit is one of my favorite expansions.  I also own the other expansion which is a ton of fun and has lead to some really wild games.  When Downforce gets pulled out though either of the DC maps are almost always the pick though.  Love the looping

Moderator Level 124 days ago

I don't really recall all my 2022 resultions but tracking my game plays in my BGG App was one I wanted to accomplish and I was successfully able to do that throughout the year.  I think I missed a few smaller plays but overall, I feel I captured my year well.

I am always culling my collection and generally much faster than I did in the past.  My space is limited and I am attemping to staff off the day I need to find a new storage option in my home.  After a few trades late in the year my collection is starting to feel "well-culled" and there are fewer and fewer options for adding a new game to my closet or shelf.

This year I have a handful of subtle goals...

(1) I started a 10x10 challenge with games that I know get played a lot.  I thought doing a 10x10 would be fun to see how long it takes and if I can get to them all.

(2) I'd like a record my playthrough of Lord of the Rings, Journey's in Middle Earth.  

(3) I want to tweak my videos to improve sound and recording quality.  I am not the more technical or the best with lighting so this one will be hit or miss.

(4) I'd like to play Spirit Island with all its expansions :)

Not many goals but that's what I have thus far.

24 days ago

My plan is to do a serious cull of my collection in the next several weeks (send me a message if you're interested in my sale/trade list) and keep my core collection down to around 10 or so permanent or semi-permanent games that get regular play, either solo or multi-player (my keepers are Pandemic, Wingspan, Teotihuacan, Tournament Fishing, Lost Ruins of Arnak and Sagrada).

Once I sell off some games, I want to have one or two rotating slots in my collection for games that I plan to play for a while and then move on. 

24 days ago

Wow! 10-12 is super tight. Credit to you for targetting it... and double credits when you hit it :¬) 

Whilst I almost certainly could comfortably lose maybe half the games I have, going down to half that again (which would get me a little above 12), would mean giving up games I play and enjoy... and with our gaming club having a regularly changing mix of people, playing one game repeatedly isn't something we tend to do.

I could however see how that might work very well with a frequent rotation out and in, e.g. be prepared to play a game until it becomes less interesting, then boot it out the door.

24 days ago

I say credit to you if you have a larger collection and actually play them all regularly! If all my games were getting regular play, I'd probably keep a bigger collection.

24 days ago

Definitely not playing them all regularly. Those that I'm not, are really where the majority of the 'half' that I reckon I could lose are, but there are a handful of games that I'd probably hold onto even if not played for many years. e.g. I've not played #This War of Mine: The Board Game since Russia invaded Ukraine, but it's the game I'm most glad that I own.

Within those I'd definitely keep are games that are regularly taken to games night, but by the nature of our setup, we may play 0, 1 or occasionally 2 of what I take - which is usually 6-9 games including light/filler games. Hence I'm probably always going to want a slightly wider spread of games, to have a better chance of hitting the mood for those I end up playing with. Some game get carried in many times and stay unplayed, but then one week someone is excited to play it. That's just the random nature of the group.

25 days ago

Well I tried to get my entire game collection played in 2022.  I failed.  The big hold outs were #Star Wars: Rebellion and #War of the Ring: Second Edition.  Shameful, I know.  Two of my top ten games not getting played.  Oh well.  At least, at the end of 2022 I had no unplayed games.  Zero!  I have a few expansion I have not played ( #Chronicles of Crime: The Millennium Series Bundle ) is the big one.  And I did get a few new games during the holidays, all of which got played:

#Dwellings of Eldervale

#Harry Potter: House Cup Competition

#Marvel Dice Throne

And the new Pandemic Star wars clone wars.  Got them all to the table so that was nice.

For 2023 I am going to try and do a few things.

1.  Play all the games that were not played in my collection in 2022.  That is about 40 out of 160.  Doable.  And I like what said.  Unplayed after 2 years?  Sell it, donate it, whatever.  Great motivation.

2.  Finish #Charterstone and #Legends of Andor and #The Goonies: Never Say Die.  I would like to get all those campaigns finished.

3. #Chronicles of Crime.  I want to get #Chronicles of Crime: Noir and #Chronicles of Crime: Welcome to Redview done.  That way I can focus on the time series.

4.  My primary play group is my wife and 16 yr old daughter.  They are so good to me and my hobby!  So I can't say play more with them (although I love playing games with them).  Perhaps getting together a few times with my friend group to game?

5.  Be more active here on Board Game Atlas.  Love this site.  Everyone is great and friendly and I want to be plugged in.  Thanks everyone for making it a real alternative to that 'other game site'.  Happy New Year!

26 days ago

80% played - that's impressive!

Some things I'd like to accomplish this year...

  • Get to 1000 points of Italians for #Bolt Action. I did 500 points for a game before Christmas:
    I've got the other two squads and an MMG team already, and I just picked up a light howitzer. Now I just need to acquire a truck... and build and paint everything. :)
  • Fit all my games on my shelves. I'm close! Just need to keep culling, stop acquiring, and find a place for some of my minis stuff.
  • Play #John Company (Second Edition). A gaming buddy owns it - I just need to set up a date!
  • Play more #Root. I got a couple of the hireling expansions and really like how they change the game at 2P. This is a good thing, because in my house only my younger son and I like the game. :)
  • Win a plaque at the World Boardgaming Championships. I did make a final a couple years ago, but I came in fourth and unfortunately only the winner got a plaque.
  • Build more #Frostgrave: Second Edition terrain. I love to play the game, but a big part of my enjoyment comes from building and playing on my own terrain. Last year was kind of slow for minis progress. I'd like to improve on my efforts there and get a really impressive table done.

24 days ago

Lovely (typically) Italian hand-gesture on the officer... "What do you mean there's no artillery support?!!!!"

... and more importantly, super painting. There's some real character in those faces.

23 days ago

Thank you!

I have to credit Warlord Games for the "pinecone" gesture arm and Army Painter for their speedpaints. It's just a coat of paint and a coat of wash on those guys. AP speedpaints and GW contrast paints make it easy for painting scrubs like me!

27 days ago

No real resolution but there is positive evolution since the second half of 2022!

  • my regular group managed to get together more often and we do a session of Imperial Assault on an average of once every 3/4 weeks.
  • Had more random times with random games than anticipated with family and friends
  • the game design thing that was dead in the water for almost a year had a fresh boost again (although it needs to be supported again :D)

I hope to build upon that trend!

27 days ago

Nice to hear that you're getting a consistant gaming group together.  Good luck with the game design.