From Pandemic to Global Crisis, Matt Leacock Reveals New Game Details in New York Times Article


Matt Leacock, the designer of powerhouse franchise #Pandemic and other titles like #Forbidden Island and #Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization is transitioning to the Global Climate crisis. In an interview with The New York Times, Matt opens up about the new title he has been working on, GLOBAL CLIMATE CRISIS.

There is no release date or publisher in the mix yet, things are still being worked out. Original details were released via the Medium site they setup back in January of this year but this new interview just published gives more details, lots of praise to the veteran and some overall thoughts on the board game world today.

Is this something that you would be interested in playing?

Game description from the interview:

As it stands, Climate Crisis (which is still in development) involves four players taking on the roles of the United States, Europe, China and the Global South, with the collective goal of lowering greenhouse gas emissions so that the Earth’s temperature stops increasing.

The game proceeds in rounds, representing four-year periods, from the present day to 2050. In each round, players lay down cards representing emissions-cutting policies, such as building solar power plants or increasing food waste recycling. Their carbon totals are represented by brown cubes that get piled up in the middle of the board, and red counters move along a cartoon thermometer as the Earth’s temperature goes up.

Leacock said he was trying to make the game scientifically accurate by seeking feedback from experts, such as the four Climate Center employees who played on Saturday. “I don’t want to be the climate dude who comes in and says, ‘Hey, I know the answer,’” he said.



Global Crisis Info:

News Story:

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5 months ago

Is it asymmetric?  US, Europe, and Global South try to reduce greenhouse gasses while China doesn't care and keeps developing industry anyway? Lol 

But yeah, I'm also a no on this one. 

Partner5 months ago

I'll give it a chance to see if he can make it fun, but yea, not a very exciting topic on the surface. 

5 months ago

Is this something that you would be interested in playing?




#Terraforming Mars, but co-op, and with a leftist political laundry list substituted for TM's random sciencey buzzwords... i.e. TM, but worse. :) And I'd already rather play #Wingspan than TM. I'm sure there's an interesting game to be made about climate change, but I think it would have to go further in the direction of asymmetry and "co-opetition" than this one does.


On another note, did you coin the term 'WHAMRAT'? It is outstanding. :D

Partner5 months ago

Yes on WHAMRAT. I have not coined many things but that was a proud creation.

Do you prefer WAMRAT or WHAMRAT? I was using the former but accidentally used the latter in this article in this article and am now liking it better. Both work.

= Whack-A-Mole-Race-Against-Time


5 months ago

Yep, better with the 'H'!

Partner5 months ago

sold, the term is now WHAMRAT, spread the word.

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