Weekly Challenge #4: Top ten games I play to keep wife/partner a happy gamer

This is the list of games that my wife suggests most often to play on game night. The games are ranked with 10 being most happy to play and 1 is the game I most have to endure in order to get my games on the table. 

What are some of the worst games your partner/family/gaming group loves that you endure so you can play what you want?

10) WIngspan - Thank you, Jamey Stegmaier. Wingspan is probably the only game on this list that I am perfectly happy to play when the wife suggests it. It does have a fair amount of luck, but I feel with a good engine strategy during gameplay, you can mitigate a lot of it.

 9) The Crew - I do like this game a lot. My wife LOVES it. I am more of a euro gamer who enjoys digging deep into strategies. Of everything on this list, this is the one card game (unless you count Wingspan as a card game) I will play most often when asked.

8) Catan - this is the game that started our family as hobby board gamers and it has a special place on our shelves. I am always happy when my wife suggests this over some of the games below it.

7) Survive: Escape from Atlantis - I enjoy this game as a one-off filler game. I will play it on occasion, but I don't want it to be in our regular family game night rotation.

6) Ganz Schonn Clever - okay, here is a dice game where luck is a big factor. However, I feel that the score pad allows for really minimizing that luck. Sure you can have a planned destroyed by a few dice rolls, but in this game, it feels more like a push your luck element.

5) Love Letter - I enjoy this game in moderation. It can be great as a filler, but when it is someone's go-to game, it can get old quickly. There are so many other hidden role games I enjoy more.

4) Sparkle Kitty - luck, luck, and more luck! Sparkle Kitty is one of those games where luck plays a significant factor, and there is not a lot of ways to mitigate it. 

3) Yam Slam - Can anyone say dolled up Yatzhee?!

2) Phase 10 - This game can go on FOREVER... To me, this is nothing more than an advanced version of rummy. If I am going to play this, I must need brownie points for getting a Euro on the table.

1) Pass the Pigs - There are no redeeming qualities about this game, in my opinion. It can be funny how the pigs land when you roll them, I have no idea why she loves it so much

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Premium User10 months ago

Phase 10 is like a cheap pair of sunglasses, I CAN'T lose it. "Hey you left this game at our house", "Sir this fell out of your car on the highway a few miles back", "Oh we have plenty of kindling, no need to sacrifice your precious game just to make s'mores"

10 months ago

Haha, sounds like the premise for a very cheesy horror movie

Owner10 months ago

This is such a good idea for a list! I've got 3 types of games on my self.

Games I can play with my wife 1v1 (usually less attacking mechanics)

Games I can play with my wife only in a group setting

Games I only play with others (usually has direct compeition interaction or is boring in her view)

There's so many games out there though that I can get a good experience playing with her and with others which is great.

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