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Puppy Care - NOW Live on Kickstarter


Puppy Care is a fast-paced family card game for 2-4 players with Japan Artwork and Puppy Theme!

Game Aim
In this game, your task is to save as many puppies as you can.You hold a hand of puppies suffering from different sickness. Id
entify what kind of care they need and send them to treatment. However, medical resources are not unlimited and you have to compete with other players to get what you need! Remember, accurate estimation is always the key to winning!

Game Story

Congratulation, this is your first day of a professional vet at Puppy Care Hospital. Before you get too excited, I know there are many patients queuing outside. As the CEO of this hospital, I need you to get to the position right now. Be careful, beside finding a right diagnosis, you also need to estimate carefully how many puppies we should accommodate.  We are counting on you! Let's get started!


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7 months ago

40 Hours Left! We need at least 20% MORE!
We are in DANGER NOW! Less than 40 Hours left and the project still need at least 20% more to make Puppy Care happen! Every backer do matters to us!
If you like our card game, please share our pages:
Besides, our Double Puppy Care Package is still on fire: 2 boxes of Puppy Care Package with HALF delivery cost! (Get this as Christmas Gift! :D)
Just a small step we need to make Puppy Care come true. We really hope to continue the journey with you in the coming days!
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