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Games that include a "Family" version

We just bought #The Isle of Cats and played last night. I love that they included a stripped down, streamlined "Family" version of the game for new gamers, or children. #Fresco is another game I can think of that sort of fits this mold, in that the base game is a pretty streamlined gateway game, but they include 3 expansion modules in the base box to customize the complexity to make it a great gamer game. 

What other games have successfully done this? I love the functionality of being able to make the game fit the players. 

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Supporter8 months ago

#Carcassonne When playing with younger children we never farm. I think it is recomended not to farm to start out with. Effectively I consider that a Family version of a already fairly simple game.

8 months ago

#Agricola in a way has a family version or a simplified version of the game if you take out he minor improvements and the occupations. Turns into a standard WP game!

8 months ago

Don't know of many games that do this, but it is a good idea if the game is amenable to it. #Santorini can be played without any "God powers" for a VERY easy to learn game (which is still fantastic). #Oceans has a sort of "introductory" game mode which removes the Deep cards and Cambrian explosion. I think this is presented more as a "for your first play" type of thing than a "family version," but I guess it works for this too.