Review of the Scythe Realistic Resources Expansion/Addon


I give my thoughts on the Scythe Realistic Resources, and a closeup look at them!

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Owner10 months ago

Thanks for the video! Wish I could find a video like this for #Clans of Caledonia Realistic Upgrade Set (64 pcs)

10 months ago

Thanks, I will definately make a video if I pick them up, I just got Clans of Caledonia to the table, an amazing game really

Owner10 months ago

I'm going to play #Scythe with my wife for the first time this weekend. I'm anticipating that we'll both like the game quite a bit and will likely end up getting some upgrades if we play it pretty often. Thanks for the video showing off some amazing looking components!

10 months ago

You're welcome, they are probably the best component upgrade I have seen , the look/quality is really high

Premium User10 months ago

These are probably my favourite bit of bling in any game or close to it.  

The oil barrels could stand to be a bit heavier I think and yeah, the metal bars are amazing.

10 months ago

I agree, the metal bars are an amazing component! 

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