Top 5 Games I no longer own but miss

These are all games I really enjoyed playing and miss having in my collection. 5 being the game I miss owning and 1 being the game I really regret getting rid of. 

5) #Betrayal at House on the Hill - I really enjoyed the exploration aspect, the theme, and the uniqueness. I got rid of it because of vague rules and highly variable outcomes based house exploration and dice roles of when to start the haunt.

4) #Roborally - This is just a fun game and provided a lots of humor of what happened to players robots based on errors in card placement and others players actions. It is no longer in my collection because the game can sometimes take longer than it should for a lite fun game.

3) #7 Wonders - I think this game has an excellent design and one of the best games for large groups. Every time I tried to teach it to my different gaming groups they struggled to understand how to pay for the different cards. The rules always made since to me. Not sure if it was the way I taught the game or something else. 

2) #Puerto Rico - The role selection and the different strategies available make this game a  solid choice. It just never made to the table. I don't  know if was the theme or what. I also have the app and can play whenever I want. 

1) #Shadows Over Camelot - this is one of the first games I ever bought. I loved the theme and it was the first cooperative game I played. My game groups don't care for co-OP games and it sit on my shelf untouched for three years. It is now out of print and I really regret removing it from my collection.

Do you have any games you regret getting rid of or games you've played but don't own and miss the experience?

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10 months ago

I love #Shadows Over Camelot, I also wish I had it in my collection. That said I would recommend #Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game or #Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game as good alternative hidden traitor games.

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