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New Feature! Comparison Cart!


I've just launched a new feature that is based off of the old comparison cart feature on If you go to a game's page there's a new button called 'Add to Comparison Cart' which will take you to a new page that shows the game in a table form and all the prices and you can add other games into a cart to see how much the total cost of your 'cart' would be so you can find the best overall price!

I've got a few more features to add like additional stores and a way to just make it comparer all the games in a list (like your wishlist) but I wanted to start getting feedback now.

Let me know what you think!

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45 days ago

Oh, man, this is so much easier and faster than my method for my BGA giftcard wishlist!

(Red Castle is my nearest FLGS)

When you can, and if possible, please consider adding this feature to one of the drop down menus in the blue bar at the top of BGA for easy access (sorry, no idea of which one it might fit under). And the notification of the 3 game limit on the price comparison cart unless you upgrade to premuim would be nice to see underneath the 'Board Game Price Comparison Cart' header instead of being surprised by it when you go to add a 4th game to the cart.  We still get the same information, but knowing that upfront seems a little friendlier.

Supporter42 days ago

This is awesome.

41 days ago

I thought so!

Premium User44 days ago

Love the index card! How often do you find yourself having to write out new ones?

43 days ago

That's the first one for price checking and was instigated by my recent win here. I've only kept a simple game wish list for the last two years or so and update it around Thanksgiving to cross off games we may have picked up during the year and include games I've heard about that I think might be of interest for me or the family (often inspired by the Spiel de Jahres nominees and recommendations). I think we've acquired the most games this year-8. Last year I think was about 6. 

Premium User43 days ago

I wish I had the ability to only pick up 8 games a year lol. There's just so many great games out there that I want to try!

I also usually look out for the Spiel games. This year I was a bit disappointed because none of the nominees really appealed to me except for The Crew which was already on my radar before then.

I think overall I meant to be asking how often do you have to update pricing? Or rather how often do you look to make sure it hasn't changed or there isn't a sale someplace?

41 days ago

I have a growing list of games I think I might be interested in, but this list was just the ones at the top of my priority list...I the moment...depending on when things are in stock. 🤣 And I'd enjoy getting more than eight games a year, but one every quarter, for Father's Day, my birthday, and Christmas is probably the limits for what my wife would approve.

I also start with the Spiel games and picked up two off the nominees/recommendations: Paladins of the West Kingdom and Cartographers.  I've been considering Res Arcana. I have this crazy idea of looking back at all the past nominees and recommendations to find games I might like to add to my collection.

I haven't really watched pricing consistently over time.  When I've been ready to buy a game, I'll price-check it, and if it is 30-40% off somewhere I'll buy it.  I lucked out this year with good deals on Terraforming Mars, Paladins, and Wingspan that way.  All other games I picked up this year may have been more around 10-20% off.  Once items are back in stock at GameNerdz and I can spend the rest of my gift card win, I probably won't buy another game until late spring/Father's Day-unless my wife comes across something she is interested in- as I'll have several new games to play for awhile!


Premium User40 days ago

Interesting you mention going back and looking at past years nominees and recommendations when you either already did with Terraforming Mars and Wingspan or you just didn't know it lol.

Res Arcana is a fun enough one but I don't know if I would grab that one again after having played it a couple times. Might end up in my sale pile. Based only on those games you mentioned, I'd look at#Orléans and#Concordia from past years kennerspiels. For the record there's nothing wrong with doing that unless I'm crazy too cause I do the same thing lol.

Gotcha. So you just have a wishlist and if there's a big sale you're on it immediately? I always try to tell myself that I should only buy games in that manner but then I see something on sale that is well regarded and not on my wishlist and I cave lol

40 days ago

I've seen Orleans mentioned a few times recently and it's now on my radar. I'll have to look into both games, and thanks for the recommendations. 

Immediately? Only if my timing is lucky. Generally for me, it's the latter situation you mentioned. 

Premium User40 days ago

You're most welcome! 

And yeah I know what you mean with the lucky timing. I just meant more like I can't hold myself to buying games only on my wishlist. There's always something else that catches my eye that I'll impulse buy

Partner40 days ago

Happy Birthday Beep boop birthday bot

Premium User40 days ago

play "happy birthday." 

Assuming you respond to Alexa commands now too..LOL

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Owner45 days ago

Wow I haven't seen a flashcard since college years! That's a fun way to keep track of your wishlist :D

We'll have to find a suitable home on the top bar especially if it's a frequently used feature. And that's great feedback on the user experience of getting the "premium" reminder

44 days ago

Thanks! And those changes really make a difference!

Having the new sub-heading info plus showing what the cart might look like for premium users really is nice to look at.  As a side-benefit, they might be encouraging more people to go premium!

Owner45 days ago

Just to let you all know, the mobile view needs work and we're aware xD

42 days ago

I love this! Great addition to the site!

Premium User45 days ago

Excellent idea Trent! Keep up the great work as always

Supporter45 days ago

Cool idea! You guys never cease to amaze me. 

Owner44 days ago

It will starting next week.

42 days ago

I first missed I needed to click "link" next to the name of the game I wanted to add.

(I first clicked on the name and it took me to the game info page and away from the comparison table)

Would it be possible to label the button "add to (comparison) table' instead of "link"?


Owner42 days ago

I'm trying to see where it says link. Can you walk me through which page you're starting on? The two ways to get to the comparison cart are from the game's page and now if you make a list, you can open up the whole list in the comparison cart as well.

42 days ago

  • check a game
  • "open comparison" button in the bottom right
  • in the comparison table: "add a game"
  • "add a game" screen pops up
  • search a game
  • get a list of games with a button in front of each game saying "link"

Owner42 days ago

Yes! Thank you, I've updated the text to be Add to Table. That was super helpful.

42 days ago

Anytime! whoop!
Agile Development has -nothing- to match THIS kind of agile development :D

42 days ago

Finally got to try this out - very cool!!!

43 days ago

Awesome! Thank you for the new feature

44 days ago

Great!  I look forward to using it.  I think I remember BoardGamePrices being able to do a comparison based off my BGG wishlist, does this do something similar?

Owner42 days ago

Yup, you can go to your list and click on the "Open in Comparison Cart" button!

44 days ago

Ooooh! I could see this being really useful. I'm gonna have to check it out.