Uploading images of games on BGA?

BGA Feature Request

What is best practice for featuring an image (e.g. of gameplay) of a game? Post image on a hosting site and link to it?

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Supporter16 months ago

Thanks for the flair clarification.

The only image upload I see is that just below the main picture for each game page. I get the impression that is intended for game cover art rather than fan photos. Is there a dedicated picture upload facility for non-official game-related photos?

Supporter16 months ago

Sigh. I just tried submitting a new post and it generates an error. Here was the intended text:

I just uploaded three unofficial fan pictures to Leaving Earth: Stations. Square cards comprise game's playing board. I had images of the cards printed on a neoprene sheet and wanted to share photos of the effort. But without any way to annotate the images, one can visit the page and be misled into thinking that my neoprene sheet is an official game component. Some way of segregating my personal images and/or clearly annotating them would be a nice feature.

Supporter16 months ago

I think you can feel free to upload fan photos as part of the regular group of images. I don't think he intends to separate the two. If it gave you that impression, it's probably because we currently have almost ZERO fan photos just due to not having enough users yet xD

By the way, how did you end up finding out about this site? Anything you like? don't like?

Supporter16 months ago

I'll go ahead and add a few photos then. I just don't want them to be featured over the cover art when someone visits a game page.

I've known about the site for awhile. To be honest I don't recall where I learned about it. Perhaps from a post of Trent's in Reddit? I've filled in some gaps on a couple games and try to visit regularly just to show this place a little love.

I'm a computer science professor and next semester I'm going to direct some of my students here to work with the API. There are good semester-long project ideas to be found here, and it'll help give BGA some much-deserved attention.

Supporter16 months ago

That's super cool! Image uploading does need a bit of an update. It'd be great to give it the same kind of features that forum posting has where images can have descriptions, voting, etc.

For now, like Phil mentioned, you just upload it to the pool of images and then can choose a new one to make as a primary.

Supporter16 months ago

Unless you're wanting to change the game page's main image, your uploaded photos won't end up replacing the main image unless you click on "make primary" for one of your images.

And that sounds awesome! We held a hackathon a few months ago and got some interesting results out of it too. This was my personal favorite: https://what.bryou.se/ (Bryan explained some details of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faWggXTSdOM)

Supporter16 months ago

I usually save the images on my desktop and then upload. Wish it was more of a drag-and-drop thing to make the process even faster. What would you like to see as an improvement?

As for this topic, I think Trent has it under his long list of to-do's to get to after he gets through some of the major updates for the site (I think he has a mobile app in the works). Oh and by the way, I'd suggest using "BGA Feature Request" flair in the future since I often see Trent use the "BGA" flair for making announcements!