Which dexterity game should I get as an intro to the genre?

Flick 'em up(6 votes) 55%
Catacombs(2 votes) 18%
Icecool(3 votes) 27%

11 votes

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Premium User9 months ago

Go all in! lol, Get the most espensive #Crokinole board you can find!


9 months ago

lol, if i had the space and the money that would be a no brainer!

Supporter9 months ago

I've heard excellent things about#ICECOOL

Partner9 months ago

#Kushi Express is, in my opinion, the greatest dexterity game

9 months ago

I have been really enjoying Catacombs, it has a little more rules overhead than Flick 'em up, but once you start playing is very simple and in my mind more enjoyable

9 months ago

Having only played #ICECOOL, I'd say that one. It's a lot of fun and pretty simple. Flick 'em Up looks great too though :) 

Owner9 months ago

As an intro to the genre? I'd say #ICECOOL or #Flick Em Up! if you're wanting something easy and quick to get into with your friends. If you're wanting dexterity games that have to do with balance, #Men At Work is a good one too.

I think my preference would be... #Flick Em Up!

I've actually been on the lookout for a flicking game too, and I'll likely go with #Flip Ships for the family.

9 months ago

Flip Ships!!!!!!!!!!

Premium User9 months ago

#Flick Em Up! for sure!

Owner9 months ago

#Flick Em Up! has been great to have with my son. I recommend it sinice you have a young son. It's more flexible to play with compared to #ICECOOL.

Owner9 months ago

I saw your avatar and assumed you were (even though he changed his, haha). If you don't have young kids I'd recommend #ICECOOL ;)

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