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11 months ago

#Tides of Madness looks interesting and is cheap...

Anyone ever try it?

Owner11 months ago

Thanks Carol! Did you get anything?

If it weren't for the fact that I recently got three new games, I would've probably gone for Village right away. Seems like such an interesting take on the worker placement mechanism.

Partner11 months ago

No,  I didn't pick anything up, but the Funkoverse stuff, and Terraforming Mars, were great for someone looking. We used to own Village (and the balance of when you let a worker die is interesting).

Owner11 months ago

Gotcha, what was the reason for selling/giving away Village?

Partner11 months ago

It was fine, we liked it, but it would get passed over when it was time to pick a game.

Supporter11 months ago

Fortunately not too many of these piqued my interest. 

Partner11 months ago

Challenge accepted

Supporter11 months ago

I'm with you