BGA Feature #38 Game Page Forums Overhaul!


I've gone through and upgraded the look and feel of the game page's forum section to match both the look and feel and functionality of the main forum on the site! It's actually usable now instead of what honestly looked like a placeholder, haha.

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Premium User12 months ago

This is great! I think when you make these posts, it would be awesome to have before and after screenshots (if the change is easily visualized).

Owner12 months ago

I did think about it, but then I felt like it'd be a lot of work and then I didn't want to not post, haha. Even though it's very little work to do it :P

Premium User12 months ago

Haha, no worries!

Supporter12 months ago

I like it.... Thanks. 

12 months ago

thanks for all your hard work trent!

Supporter12 months ago

Awesome job! Thank you!

Supporter12 months ago

This is really good! Solid work Trent. 

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