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Top Five Best Moments in my Favorite Board Games


5. Evacuating the Rebel base moments before the Imperials arrive in#Star Wars: Rebellion

Playing as the Rebels is fraught with the knowledge that any turn could be the turn that the Empire discovers your base. It is incredibly satisfying then, to know that you successfully evacuated right before they arrived and now need to start over in their search for your base. And that setting up a new base really isn't too large of an inconvenience for you, you keep going and attempt to bring more star systems into the Rebel fold.

4. Coming up with the most efficient use of your hand of cards in#Mage Knight

This is a more cerebral moment than the others on this list but it is so incredibly satisfying when you puzzle at your hand of cards and then in a moment of clarity you see the best path to move, explore, and then attack. Or you figure the best way to attack that city using every tool at your disposal. 

3. Rolling just the right amount of damage, accuracy, and surges in#Star Wars Imperial Assault

In a dice chucking dungeon crawler moments arise when you just need to have a roll. These are the moments where the entire table stands up and everyone holds their breath as the dice fall. People cheer. The Imperial player moans. Truly what board gaming is all about.

2. Pulling the 2x damage card in#Gloomhaven at a critical moment 

It should be said that almost every moment in Gloomhaven is a critical moment but some are more critical than others. And that feeling when you get the 2x that gives you enough damage to take out an enemy before they can hit you... truly sublime and one of the best reasons to play board games.

1. Finding the Rebel base in#Star Wars: Rebellion

Nothing beats this feeling. You've been striving to eliminate these pesky, annoying rebels the entire game. And now you've finally discovered their hideout and can crush them once and for all! If you can make it there in time. Or the rebels don't flee. So delicious. 

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Supporter5 months ago

That feeling you mentioned in Mage Knight is awesome. Man that feels so so satisfying.

Supporter5 months ago

It really is.

Supporter5 months ago

Your #5 sounds like it is a Star Wars movie.  I love it.

This is a fun list.

I played #Star Wars Imperial Assault once and the ending was crazy.  As the Empire I had no chance, I was nowhere near the Rebel Hero who had to roll one surge on a skill test.  The Rebel player had three turns (six rolls) to try and get it done.  Roll one, no surge, roll two, no surge, roll three, no surge, roll four, no surge, roll five (you guessed it), no surge.  It was the last roll of the mission as we all stood around the table.  The Rebel player takes their dice in hand and shakes them for a good long while.  It was like game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals (yes hockey is the best sport, right ).  The dice hit the table, no surges, heartbreak and devastation for the Rebels, elation for the Empire (and a spilled beer, that thankfully was on the floor), the house erupted.  It was awesome.

5 months ago

That sounds like an awesome time! And another reason why I desperately need the game haha

As much as I love hockey (and I really do), I'm gonna have to go with rugby as the best sport. But, yes, there's nothing like a game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals! Especially when it's your team (Calgary) against some other team (Tampa Bay, in this case) and it's 2004 and it should have been overtime because #ThePuckWasIn but then we had another chance to make it overtime and blew it and oooooohhhhhh man what a tense game. And yes, I'm still bitter haha

Supporter5 months ago

I would definitely not be over it yet.

Supporter5 months ago

Star Wars Rebellion feels like a Star Wars movie. It's so good. 

Supporter5 months ago

I do really think I'd love this game.

Supporter5 months ago

Also. It really sucked for me when the Rebel player used the advanced tactic to take out my AT-AT walkers when I was invading his base. That wasn't cool. 

Supporter5 months ago

Sounds like it really has the opportunity to tell a story.

Supporter5 months ago

But it was awesome for the Rebel player.

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