Chapter 4 • Recap ➤ Aeon's End Legacy【ツ】The Mountain Gamer

Join me as I show off everything that's in Chapter 4 of Aeon's End Legacy.  I also talk about the decisions we had to make while playing, as well as the choices we made in regards to character & supply upgrades.

In this one:  Flying Toilets!  ✚  Almost Cheating!

0:30  Chapter Intro
2:24  Nemesis Tokens & Cards
3:12  Our Initial Supply
4:50  Nemesis Setup
7:18  Early Problems
10:00  So Much Unleash!
11:32  Mid Game Troubles & Solution
15:35  Letting Cards Evolve
17:16  Overall Feeling
17:55  End Game Bonuses
23:20  New Supply Cards
26:39  End Comments
27:04  Hey You!
27:43  Flying Porta-Potty

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