Online Board Game Conventions


Will anyone be attending any online conventions this year? I have a hard time seeing what the benefit would be to attend one. 

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16 months ago

I dropped in to BGG Con yesterday and listened to Matt Leacock while I worked, but that's all I've done. Actually, I didn't even listen to his whole segment haha But he's a great guy and has great insights, so I wanted to hear at least a little bit. I may drop in to Renegade Con just to see what's going on because I love their games, but honestly, it's just not the same as actually attending one. While there is merit to the online cons, there's not enough incentive (for me) to frequent them.

Moderator Level 116 months ago

I have just gotten really busy this week, even though I'm in full time lockdown. I haven't even had time to game yet this week. So, I'm not doing anything with the BGG con. But, if I am less busy when other conventions happen, I might drop in. 

Partner16 months ago

My husband is doing one this weekend, but it's to play RPGs.

Premium User16 months ago

What goes on in an online convention? A lot of TTS games? I'm guessing some of them will have demos of upcoming games. None of that is all that exciting to me. On the other hand, it's an opportunity to "attend" a convention I wouldn't otherwise have attended, so that's kinda fun.

Moderator Level 116 months ago

I understand there will be "breakout sessions" of one sort or other as well. 

Supporter16 months ago

I think if I were single and on full time quarantine I'd consider it.

If there were a BGA Con online I'd probably be into that, but I'd also need the time.

16 months ago

I am in a similar boat, not enough free time and there isn't enough of an incentive to create the time for something like this unless I spotted a particular talk I was into, then maybe