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This Week's Top 5 Game Pages Viewed

  1. Nemesis (-2.8%)
  2. The King's Dilemma (+2.3%)
  3. Wingspan (-6.8%)
  4. The Crew (-2.7%)
  5. Brass: Birmingham (+4.6%)

Top BGA Content

Board Game Atlas Launches Its Own Ranking System!

Trent has been working on this for the past couple of days and its finally good to go! There's some minor tweaks to make here and there, but its a great starting point with lots of potential for different uses. We currently have the "Best of All-Time" and the "Trending" page, so let us know what you think. In the upcoming days, we will also launch a "Discover" page with features that will provide a more accessible way to find different types of games that you normally wouldn't think about, so keep on the lookout!


Here are some cool projects we're helping to spread the word! Petersen Games (think Cthulhu Wars) is back for another Kickstarter of huge proportions, and it's not without their usual cool miniatures. This time, it's army men vs. dinosaurs! Next, Chai is going full throttle on their campaign for a reprint and an expansion after seeing a 50% boost on their total pledge amount in just under a week. After all, who doesn't like tea and Azul-like tiles? Lastly, we have Wretches & Rewards that's close to the finish line after passing its funding goal well in advance of its final date. If you're looking to supplement you and your friends' adventures with rewarding monster encounters and memorable loot, make sure to check it out.

Things Found on the Web

COMING SOON! Frostpunk: The Board Game

This will be an exciting news especially for those who've played the video/PC game. While there isn't much info that has been released, you can check out the cool art and the lore here. If anything, it's by the same designer as Nemesis, a top 5 most viewed game page all throughout 2020.

Pan Am - The Sleeper Game of 2020?

Man vs. Meeple recently reviewed a newly release game designed by Prospero Hall (think Villainous, Jaws, Horrified, and tons of other popular IP-based games that are actually good). Apparently, it's yet another success.


Before you scroll by this section, make sure to catch an additional giveaway that we launched today! After Trent reviewed Cartographers a few weeks ago, we liked the game so much that we wanted to give away a brand new copy of the game. To our surprise, the game's publisher, Thunderworks Games, reached out and said they'll be more than happy to supply a copy of the game plus more. Although it won't be a formal partnership, I wanted to thank them by mentioning that they're launching a Kickstarter for Roll Player Adventures next week!

Thanks for the read! Make sure to check out the new ranking system and let us know what you think.

- Phil & Trent

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Supporter44 days ago

I like having the Trending page! Nice touch

Supporter45 days ago

Huh?? I wonder what pushed #Brass: Birmingham up the list?? 

45 days ago

Love the best games list and more generosity from thunderworks games. I Really want more info about their next cartographers game. Any little tidbits please if you are reading this :)

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