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Dune Imperium chat with Jeremy Howard


Gumbo Live! fave, Jeremy Howard of Man v Meeple, returns with all of the gumbo scoop about his plays of Dune: Imperium from Dire Wolf Games.  Since the show, I've gotten a chance to play it myself. It is different from Lost Ruins of Arnak -- in fact, there's no reason you can't have Clank!, Lost Ruins and Dune all in your collection because they are so wildly different. 

I'm digging how designers are getting ever more unique twists out of the deck building mechanic, and can't wait to see what's next. Anybody else play Dune: Imperium yet either in the physical copy or on TTS? 

Thanks for watching!

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2 days ago

I got to play Dune Imperium a couple of weeks ago at 3 players and loved it! I played a solo game last week and enjoyed that, and will try to get another solo play in the next week or so. One thing is that while it does have deck-building, I think it leans more heavily toward worker placement, as far as the hybrid nature is concerned. You don't add too many cards over the course of the game, and it's quite possible you never see a card you add in later rounds of the game. Of course there are spaces and cards that give you more card draws, but of course there's an opportunity cost to going to one of those spaces.

Partner2 days ago

Great point - I played this weekend, and it is definitely a hybrid. You may not see many of the cards you purchase in the back half -- especially if you do like me and bloat your deck!  That being said, it felt more like a deck builder than Lost Ruins of Arnak, akin to Clank! because the cards are what drives the worker placement and combat aspects of the game. 


2 days ago

Yep, I spent much of my solo game simply buying cards for their reveal abilities, haha

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