Eternal Adversary – a War Between Good and Evil by Sandy Petersen

The author of Cthulhu Wars and tons of other games is back with a new title about a war between good and evil. And even though there are plenty of good old hellborn monsters in the game, Eternal Adversary is supposed to be a completely new and refreshing experience for all ameri game lovers.

Order or Chaos?

When the agents of Chaos attempted to change the history of our planet and cull all of humanity, a certain cataclysm has happened. It resulted in the creation of countless alternative timelines on Earth. That didn’t discourage the Chaos faction, as they keep trying to destroy all of these timelines once and for all.

Meanwhile, in the final timeline a group of brave heroes awaits, ready to fight back and ensure the survival of human race. Players will have to decide which side to take and the author promises, that even if the number of people playing is uneven, faction powers will remain equal.

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