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Magical the Unicorn - A Simplified Faction Co-Designed With My Little Girl

My little girl adores Root - typically playing the Vagabond with some help.

However, today, as she was coloring a unicorn I had printed for her (illustrated by the ever talented Mr. Ferrin), I had an epiphany: why don’t I just design her own, simplified faction (that used her unicorn) for her?

So, with her assistance, that’s just what I did! I present (named after a favorite stuffed animal) ‘Magical the Unicorn’.

My goal in designing this was to make a faction that was as simple as possible mechanically, while still allowing her to make interesting decisions.

We played one game this evening - Unicorn and Lizards. With the unicorn taking the win! I didn’t play cutthroat as I could’ve, but I didn’t take it that easy ha! But, the biggest thing: my little girl had so much fun!

Overall, I’d say the first draft was a great success; cheers!

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Owner21 months ago

Are there any other games you want to do something similar with? 

21 months ago

No, not particularly. Though, I'm currently contemplating making a few more kid/beginner gamer friendly factions for Root.

Owner21 months ago

That's some fantastic parenting right there :D

Premium User21 months ago

Now that is some parental dedication! Nice job!

21 months ago

Ha, thanks!

Owner21 months ago

This is brilliant. Well done!

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