Calvin Reviews Vast: The Crystal Caverns - IN LIMERICK FORM

There once was a board game called Vast

With a bold, asymmetrical cast
Come learn all the roles
And their various goals
In this limerick compare and contrast!

A fearless young knight with a quest

To find and destroy dragon’s nest
She’s easy to learn
And quick with her turn
At adventure, she’s totally the best

Goblin tribes no DO poem patter!!

We clash! We bash! SMASH KNIGHT FLATTER!!!
Call banners to war!!
From shadows we ROAR!!!!!
But at the first sign of light; S C A T T E R

In the deep dark within the ground under

The dragon shall shrug off her slumber
With fire, wing, and roar
She sheds her torpor
And skyward, continues to plunder

In the darkness a great evil craves

The end of hope, light, and the brave

So if you’re the kind

For dread and malign

Your passion of choice is THE CAVE

The game is bright, fun, and charming

Though the rules can be somewhat disarming
Prepare for a teach
That’s a bit of a reach
And a playtime approaching alarming

It’s a game which deserves your attention

With roles for whatever your fashion
There’s a ghost and a ghoul
Thief and unicorn too
(tho some of those require expansion)

Do I love Vast? Yep, I surely do

An impressive, ambitious debut
With a follow up game
That’s apparently tamed
Many issues and turned them anew

So if you’re looking to have an adventure

And don’t mind playing as rules dispenser
Look no further than Vast
And its amiable cast
A clever game well worth your venture

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Premium User15 months ago

I regret that I have but one upvote to give for this gold

15 months ago

aw thank you.

Supporter15 months ago

Bravo! Bravo! Encore! 

15 months ago

Haha this is great. Vast has been on my radar for sometime now. This was really helpful

Partner15 months ago

There once was a writer named Calvin

who liked sci-fi and adrenaline

Minis and Vengeance!

Corey and 'hells yes'.

Ne'er a wooden cube was seen here.


15 months ago

this game has cubes!!! XD

but thanks so much

Owner15 months ago

You're breaking down all kinds of barriers in the review realm xD

15 months ago

aw thx

Supporter15 months ago

This is great. 

15 months ago


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