Feedback Friday! (2019-10-18)


This is a weekly post to leave your suggestions and feedback for Board Game Atlas! Anything goes.

It would also be great to hear your thoughts on some of these items:

  • How intuitive is it to use BGA in comparison to other websites? What's been the least intuitive?
  • How useful are the game categories? (the ones rights below the search bar for desktop and within the "menu" dropdown on mobile). What would be most useful to have on there? (doesn't have be game categories either)
  • Feedback on video content - how do you like the general style/approach that Trent is taking?
  • I'll be interviewing a board game editor for rulebooks - do you have any questions related to this field?
  • EDIT: How do you like the new dark mode

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13 months ago

One thing that was mentioned was different forum sections to make things more organized and more easily accessible. 

I'm looking forward to the rule book editing interview. Are you able to say who it is? 

Supporter13 months ago

Yup! It's Joshua Yearsley

As for the forum, it's definitely a big item that will take time to decide on a good direction! Hopefully we can see some changes before the end of the year haha, after getting a good idea of everyone's thoughts. For now, Trent is shifting gears to figure out the marketplace first

13 months ago

I haven't heard of him, but his website shows he worked on Root, so that's pretty neat! I'll have to stalk him on BGG (or somewhere) and see all his work. I've been doing freelance rule book editing for just over a year now, and it is one of my favorite jobs I've ever done.  Looking forward to the interview!

I get that updates take time, and some are bigger than others, so no rush. Just wanted to get it out there "officially" haha 

Supporter13 months ago

If I hadn't gotten a response from Joshua I might have reached out to you haha (I stalked your page before and saw that you've done editing as well).

Gotcha, we just wish we could do more & faster because we have so many ideas + suggestions from everyone. For now I think I should just appreciate where we are at and be patient since we'll be in it for the long haul!

13 months ago

You’re probably better off with him than me anyway haha He’s been at it longer than I have and will certainly have deeper insights due to that. Nerdly enough, this is probably one of the most exciting interviews for me haha

13 months ago

So a couple of thoughts have combined together

  • I'd like notifications for discussions about games
  • I like that games point to references in reddit threads
  • Content creators tend to post on BGG
  • I want to check the minimum number of sites

My idea is for BGA to extend their reddit aggregation to be general community aggregation with notifications.  For example, I can subscribe to a game on BGA and get notifications regardless of whether the content was on BGA, BGG, or reddit.  I do not know what other community sites might be worth including.

Supporter13 months ago


  • Yes, notifications would be nice, and it's one that I could really use too. We have a feature built-in (just not made public since it's not perfect) where you can "follow" games or users for their content to get posted on your personal feed. It will also depend on how many users would actually find this useful--if the majority want this, then it could get bumped up in priority
  • For content creators posting on BGG, that's totally understandable since they are mostly driven by the need to drive traffic. I believe that as our community grows, the number of content creators posting here will grow as well. One thing though, is that instead of just passively waiting for content creators to feel the need to start posting here, we'd like to make features that will encourage their participation. As a content creator myself, I've gotten firsthand experience on the pros and cons of the interactions with each of the major communities such as Reddit, BGG, and Facebook. And I think there's room for lots of innovation to create a community where content creators could feel welcomed and appreciated for what they do, as well as creating an environment where they are rewarded for active participation in the community and not just being there solely for the "traffic"
  • For now, our biggest item for the forum feature is to decide on the general direction/vision of the forum first, since we've gotten quite a bit of feedback on its organization/structure. Once we decide on that, I think we could certainly entertain the idea of aggregating other threads if it aligns with the overarching goal!
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