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Are there any games that are added to your wishlist as soon as you hear about them? What criteria or types of games are in this category for you?

Is there a certain mechanic or designer that you'll automatically wish list before learning more about it? Or maybe a theme that always grabs you?

For me there are a few big things that will get me to instantly wishlist a game. 

Number one is Star Wars theme. Because obviously.

My number two is Roman history theme - so fascinating to me and so much potential for amazing gameplay. 

What "hooks" you into instantly adding a game to your wishlist?

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9 months ago

My instant adds have been #878: Vikings - Invasions of England, #Archipelago, #The Defence of Procyon III, and #Eldritch Horror. Not sure what the overlap is. I think if I can picture the game creating a great atmosphere/dynamic around the table then I am hooked

Supporter9 months ago

Sounds about right. 

9 months ago

That is kind of my weakness

Supporter9 months ago

I suppose for me I would say historical designs by Cole Wehrle would be a instant wishlist addition. 

Premium User9 months ago

Well if it's a follow-up to a game I already love, it's going on there immediately. Notable examples for me are #Oceans (sequel to #Evolution: Climate) and #Santorini New York.

I don't think I have a designer or publisher that would make it an instant wishlist, but I have a few that are instant "I'm listening...", if that makes sense.

For theme, Dune. I want all the Dune games. Unless they come out with a dungeon crawler - I don't care about those.

Supporter9 months ago

Unless they call it a sand crawler. In which case it's Star Wars and instantly awesome. 

9 months ago

Haha, just a whole team of Jawas, the noises are mandatory

Premium User9 months ago


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