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Favorite Dominion Expansion?

I recently got very hooked on #Dominion and have a group that is also very willing to play Dominion both online and in-person (when appropriate). 

Seeing as most of the expansions are similar price, which one would you recommend most to fans of the game? I will likely slowly work on adding more to my collection but I would love some outside opinions.

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Supporter2 months ago

Dominion Intrigue is good.

Probably my favorite, and remember I haven't played nearly all of them, is #Dominion: Prosperity.

Honestly, I actually prefer the base game of Dominion without expansions, but, I am in the minority on that.

Premium User2 months ago

The only one I have is #Dominion: Intrigue (Second Edition). I believe it's the only one that can be played as a standalone game. I think the cards are a little more interesting than the base game.

I'm also interested in #Dominion: Seaside and #Dominion: Adventures due to the duration cards included in those sets.

2 months ago

I finally got to play #Dominion: Seaside last night and the duration cards do add a nice twist. I will have to check out Adventures soon. 

Premium User2 months ago

I'd be more willing to pick up more expansions if I had a place to store them. I've sleeved all my cards and they just do not fit in the box anymore. There are a few storage solutions I've seen online but I don't know if I can live with myself if I have to get rid of the boxes lol

Premium User2 months ago

As an aside, it's a real easy game to get hooked on!!