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House rules in Games

I was playing Catan tonight, and it occurred to me just how many house rules can exist for a game. What are some of your favorite house rules (for Catan, or anything else)? Are there any you have tried that just break the game?

One of my favorites is the fortification house rule for Rivet Wars! (allowing you to place barbed wire x number of times per game adjacent to your infantry. really keeps the game changing!)

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Owner23 months ago

I've played "Communist" rules for Ricochet Robots where if someone can see a route at the same level but have less points, they can get the credit. It's helpful when there are new players but it wasn't my cup of tea.

I also made a whole video about a house rule for Century but it hasn't really been worth bringing up.

23 months ago

sounds like a good beginner variant but i'm not sure how well i'd like to play with something like that normally either. 

What was the rule for Century?

23 months ago

Catan: You get resources for both your starting settlements (Seems to level the starting selection a lot more)

Gloomhaven: For advantage and disadvantage draw two separate full times from the modifier decks.  (Makes a lot more sense than the as written version)

Hanabi: You are allowed to ask what somebody remembers about their hand.  (Can't correct, just have the ability to know what they think they were told)

23 months ago

I've heard of that rule with Catan. Ive also heard of "choose which settlement you get your cards from" either way i prefer the vanilla version because it increases the necessity for trade and keeps the game open to start.

23 months ago

We are going to have to house rule a normal rule in a mystic vale expansion that allows basically 3 free resources. We had to house rule it to UNbreak the

23 months ago

Its so weird when large fundamental rules like that are hidden behind expansion packs. especially when they improve the game so much!