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The Top (or rather bottom) 5 Games I Won't Play Again


Most of the time, I just want to play a board game.  Even if it means playing something that's not my favorite.  But every once in a while I play a game that I don't care for to the point that I'd rather just not play a game at all.

5. #Tiny Epic Western - Now I own two TE games and others I've enjoyed so I don't want to make it sound like I don't like them (look at #4).  I just felt like there wasn't a lot happening in this game.  Which is too bad because I love the Wild West as a theme.  I just felt like, meh, it's worker placement, but I have far superior WP games to play.  I put this one at 5 because there is a slight chance that if I had no other options and everyone wanted to play this, I might play it.

4. #Tiny Epic Kingdoms - I don't know, it just didn't stick with me.  It felt too simple and felt like other games could scratch the itch that have more going on.

3. #Pandemic - I just don't love Coops.  I've always wanted to win, but also to beat someone else. 

2. #Ticket To Ride - This is just a little too simple for me, and it doesn't offer a fun twist or moment that just makes you feel great.

1. #Catan - I know I have a bit of an irrational disdain for this game, but I've just played a few times where I couldn't get any rolls (even using the supposed common roll spots), and if you get no resources you can't play.  I remember one time I went 6 rounds or something where all I did each round was roll dice on my turn because my numbers just wouldn't come up.  I don't mind losing games, but I hate when I can't actually play.

Does anyone else have games they just won't play?

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Supporter5 months ago

If it was play no game or play these I would still play these. My kids enjoy Ticket to Ride a lot. 

Supporter5 months ago

Pandemic is in a weird place for me. I generally prefer my coops much heavier, or lighter.

5 months ago

I feel pretty similarly about #Ticket To Ride, while I can imagine it being a good gateway game for people I just can't imagine ever chosing to play it myself. That said, I don't know that there are any games I would refuse to play if the group was keen.

Supporter5 months ago

I mean if someone really really really was pushing one of these games I'd probably play (except Catan).

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