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Best Board Games from 2015-Present | Board Game Quest


In our newest quest list, the BGQ crew discusses our favorite board games from the last five years. 

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Premium User44 days ago

Only played 3 of these 7. Got some work to do it seems!

44 days ago

That's 2 more than me, and one is on my wishlist.

Premium User44 days ago

Only 1 is on my wishlist officially. Though thanks to the forum#Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 should be on it as well.

Which one is on yours? Should be#Lorenzo il Magnifico cause that games great too haha

44 days ago

#Scythe I'm waiting for GameNerdz to get it back in stock so I can pick it up with my BGA gift card win.

Althought #Marvel Champions: The Card Game has caught my attention a few times-just not often or hard enough to get it for my current gaming circle (i.e. my household of four and one neighbor).

Premium User43 days ago

How does GN not have Scythe in stock?!

I know nothing about Marvel Champions yet I feel like it should also be on my radar if only because my future father in law loves anything Marvel. All the games feel like the same to me personally..

42 days ago

Scythe. Everdell... both out of stock since our gift card win along with most of my other wish-list items. 

Premium User42 days ago

So sad. I really want Everdell too. Hopefully both come back in stock soon for you