Editing incorrect expansion link

Is there a way to remove an incorrect expansion link?

I noticed that this game: Rivals for Catan - Age of Darkness Expansion

Is linked to Catan and not to Rivals for Catan

Is there a way that I could have fixed this?  Or a way to report it without a post (I only see a way to report a duplicate game.)


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Supporter18 months ago

There's no tool for that yet, but it makes sense to create a more general report tool that will allow users to share things like that. I wonder in this case if it's fine to allow users to just adjust it themselves.

I'll get to work on something for this. I did fix the case you brought up though. You can also message me directly as well for the time being.

18 months ago

Speaking of reporting. There should be a confirmation to report a comment. I have clicked it by accident and no way to undo it.

Supporter18 months ago

There is a confirmation now. When you click the word report it changes to "Confirm you want to report this comment" which you need to click again.

18 months ago

awesome...no more accidental clicking.

18 months ago

I tried to look into it... but I have no idea :( sorry. @trentellingsen can help im sure!

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