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14 months ago

I've been playing #The One Hundred Torii for review, and man, I love it. It looks great, sure, but it also has super simple rules but has a great deal of thought in each turn. It's kind of like a mix of #Tokaido and #Carcassonne -- Tokaido for the journey aspect, and Carcassonne for the tile laying/route building. Very cool game.

Owner14 months ago

I just face palm every time I see this game mentioned now. Will have to move on and catch another great game for a review copy :(

14 months ago

Sorry, Phil. I'll try and refrain from mentioning it :)  He might still have a review copy or two if you reached out. Edo is a super nice guy so at the very least he wouldn't be annoyed with the query. 

Owner14 months ago

No worries, I'm more joking than serious xD

But that is true, I should try reaching out to Edo, we've worked with him before for Skulk Hollow too!

14 months ago

#Porta Nigra i cant reccomend it enough if you like Euro games . ESP since if youre crafty you can find it very very cheap. there is a lot of game in there for the price.

Supporter14 months ago

Thanks for that. I bought a copy for $11.99 shipped, brand new, but, I had haven't managed to get it down here yet. I look forward to trying it. 

14 months ago

#Nemo's War (Second Edition) I really love this title for a solo play.  For those of you that like asymmetric games but can't get #Root to the table, I've found #Vast: The Mysterious Manor gives the same feel and more people seem to gravitate towards it.  

14 months ago

I'm not sure what the mechanic is actually called in the wider gaming world, but I've heard it called "abstract puzzle." I'd love recommendations for games similar to #Sagrada and #Noctiluca. (I hear #Azul is this type of game, too, but I won't know until we unwrap it next month for a birthday gift.)

My wife and I really like playing games like this in a friendly way, and we don't need a lot of story or theme to draw us in if the mechanic works. 

Owner14 months ago

#Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization app is fantastic. The various challenges against the AI's alone are worth it and there are so many different layers of strategy/tactics to consider. Each game plays completely differently. I did get it when it was 50% at $5 so that was a bargain given the replay value.

Premium User14 months ago

#Orléans is a great game.  I picked it up after seeing it listed on sale on Board Game Atlas and my wife is even willing to play a game with me after watching me solo the first round (not a true solo, just playing the game as if I am two players).  #Orléans is a bag building worker placement game that is easy to learn and teach but provides players with a goodly amount of strategy.


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