3 Upcoming Kickstarter Board Games – Merchants and Sorcerers

Next few weeks are shaping up to be rather packed when it comes to Kickstarter board game campaigns. There are tons of amazing games launching as soon as next Tuesday: from CMON’s Ankh to some of the titles we present today. Enjoy!

Cloudspire – New Faction Expansions – April 14th

Cloudspire was one of the most memorable board game campaigns of 2018. Over 500.000 US dollars pledged by 4400 backers – that’s quite an achievement nowadays, especially for a new franchise. The game got shipped and reviewed well on BGG, making many fans ask for more. Those who’ve missed it wanted another chance to get their hands on it. 

Cloudspire is a strategy game with a heavy focus on exploration. It’s played cooperatively – MOBA style. While the game is on the heavier side, it manages to have a huge story focus and can also be played solo. What is the main drawing point here? The innovative token system based on stacking, which leads to powerful combinations and tons of possibilities when strategizing

The new campaign will include 2 completely new faction expansions with their own unique mechanics, armies, stories and scenarios. Apart from the new factions, the Kickstarter campaign will offer...

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Supporter13 months ago

I really want to play cloudspire one of these days 

Supporter13 months ago

I’m fascinated by Cloudspire.