Group Game Design Phase 2a: Narrative and/or Goal

Game Design

We need some sort of purpose in our game. A narrative or goal (or both). What do we want our historical sci-fi to be like? Let's brainstorm! Here's one idea off the top of my head.

Essentially, take an aspect of the Roman empire and replace everything with sci-fi stuff. Instead of chariots, we have spaceships. Instead of centurians, we have...some hardcore marine-esk task force. I don't know, but basically a reskin of what actually happened with more high-tech stuff. 

That's me without thinking, so I bet you all have much better ideas. Share your own and let's build off others!

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Supporter21 months ago

I like what Black Angel did with having a ship board, and a map where your ship model moved through space. I think that could be sort of fun if everybody had their own ship board where though would pilot their own ship and crew through a shared map. But the state of the ship board would affect what all you could do with your ship. 

21 months ago

Yes...yes indeed. Kind of like each player has a modified ship special to them (possibly built in the first phase of play through a drafting or chit pull system) and then they are able to take actions based on their cockpit? 

I would think there would be ways to damage opponents’ ships, which would either hurt abilities or put them offline altogether. 

Supporter21 months ago

Exactly. And not only would they "build" their ship, but they would crew it with a drafted crew. 

Owner21 months ago

What do you think of having elite/rare fighting champions that each race is trying to recruit to their cause (something like jedi). The first portion of the game could be working to gather as many elite fighters as possible and the second could be area control of some sort now that you've created your team.

21 months ago

I had a game in mind (that totally fizzled out and died) that had two separate phases/portions like you mentioned. I really like that idea, and I think this concept could work. There is potential for a lot of fun.

Supporter21 months ago

I like this idea and mine was similar.  Something along the lines of building a crew over the course of the game that will help you grow into your own asymmetric faction each time you play. 

I do also like the idea of some things carrying over from game to game.

I go back and forth for a set number of rounds versus and end game trigger.

21 months ago

Scorpius Freighter has something similar in regards to unique crew each game, although you start the game with the crew rather than build it up throughout the game. It's fun though, because it makes your strategy a lot different each time. I like that idea about building them up for maybe a second phase or a second game altogether.

I like the carry-over concept. Kind of like a legacy game, but to a lesser extent?

Supporter21 months ago

Yeah almost like a Legacy lite.  Something with a few base play modes.  Maybe a double sided map?  One game is out in space within your ship the other side is a planet map where you play differently?

21 months ago

I like the double-sided board and different play. It's like two games in one! 

It could have a bunch of different scenarios, or goal cards for each player so they have to switch up their strategy each time. I'm going to simmer on this one for a bit. I like it.